1. About 5 days ago I was swapping 2k with Railtard1 on FTP/DDfromDS on Pokerstars and long story short he scammed me and he did the same thing to Allinwithdabest for $1,500. I'm pretty sure he also uses the account Dean23Price on Pokerstars because when I was talking to him on AIM he asked if I was deep in anything so he went to my 300K table on sunday and started talking **** in the chat to Bigdogpocket5's. I know it was him because on AIM he was simultaniously telling me that he hated bigdog and was going to give him a hard time.

    Real Name: Marc Wright
    His name on AIM is: railtard1@hotmail.co.uk

    Here's the convo I had with him about 4 days after I sent him 2k.

    8:31:58 PM) Marc Wright: oioi
    (8:32:02 PM) Marc Wright: u there
    (8:32:59 PM) [AIM screen name of thread author removed per request]: yea
    (8:33:16 PM) Marc Wright: yo, wasnt at comp last 48 hours
    (8:33:18 PM) Marc Wright: erm
    (8:33:25 PM) Marc Wright: wats ur real name and location again
    (8:33:28 PM) Marc Wright: need to reply to stars email
    (8:33:33 PM) []: Jordan Young
    (8:33:35 PM) []: Twin Lake
    (8:34:03 PM) Marc Wright: right doing it now
    (8:34:09 PM) []: alright
    (8:34:12 PM) Marc Wright: u grinding toniggt
    (8:34:15 PM) []: yea
    (8:34:19 PM) Marc Wright: winning?
    (8:34:26 PM) []: just busted ftops like 74th
    (8:37:58 PM) Marc Wright: sigh
    (8:38:01 PM) Marc Wright: turbo one?
    (8:38:07 PM) []: YEA
    (8:38:10 PM) []: yea
    (8:38:38 PM) Marc Wright: urghh
    (8:43:42 PM) []: u playing?
    (8:43:54 PM) Marc Wright: no not well man, feel pretty ****ty
    (8:43:58 PM) Marc Wright: just chilling
    (8:44:02 PM) Marc Wright: watching inception
    (8:44:04 PM) Marc Wright: got it on dvd
    (8:44:07 PM) Marc Wright: pretty sick film
    (8:44:08 PM) []: ahhh nice nice
    (8:44:12 PM) []: heard it was good
    (8:44:16 PM) []: haven't seen it yet
    (8:48:02 PM) Marc Wright: man can u do me big favour, can u ship my horse $1k on stars, ill send u bk on tilt in like 3-4 hours, i cnt send anymore on stars at the mo
    (8:48:58 PM) []: im maxed on stars
    (8:49:05 PM) []: cuz of trsfer limit
    (8:49:08 PM) Marc Wright: gay init
    (8:49:12 PM) Marc Wright: dont understand what they have it
    (8:49:37 PM) []: yea idk, you had enough room to send me 2k right?
    (8:49:47 PM) Marc Wright: already sent that
    (8:49:49 PM) Marc Wright: sunday night
    (8:49:51 PM) Marc Wright: just hadnt
    (8:49:52 PM) Marc Wright: replioed
    (8:49:55 PM) []: oh alright
    (8:50:01 PM) Marc Wright: have done now
    (8:50:05 PM) Marc Wright: ur have it soon i guess
    (8:50:38 PM) []: alright cool, i mean i just dont like having money out for this long
    (8:50:49 PM) []: it's been 4 days so im sure you understand that
    (8:51:30 PM) Marc Wright: can u snd that horse of mine $1500 on tilt and ill send bk in 3 hours wen i can visa depo... if u aint got stars by then i can send all on tilt if u want, then u can send me bk on stars wen u do got
    (8:51:36 PM) Marc Wright: yeh course understand
    (8:52:06 PM) []: I'll do it once I get the 2k on stars...i just dont like having this much money out
    (8:52:11 PM) []: no offense to you or anything
    (8:53:20 PM) Marc Wright: yhyh i understand, need to get 2 peole the $500 shootout bt in, actually need exactly $1100 to guessirunbad on tilt/// if u can do it, i owe u a favourrrrrrrrrr
    (8:53:24 PM) Marc Wright: plx
    (8:54:06 PM) []: sry i can't do it
    (8:54:12 PM) Marc Wright: npnp
    (8:54:20 PM) Marc Wright: ill message u wen message thru saying u got stars okok
    (8:54:27 PM) []: alright sounds good
    (8:54:28 PM) []: tx

    Obviously he never transferred and then he had this conversation with Herbhealsme, at the end Herb tries to get him to send more but obviously that's not gonna happen:

    (1:53:42 PM): oioi, u got just $440 on tilt il send now on stars. wana play the turbo ftops and turbo 200

    (1:53:44 PM): swap 5%?
    Herbhealsme 1:53 pm
    (1:53:47 PM): yo dude

    (1:53:52 PM): whast up man why havent u sent that 2k
    railtard1@hotmail.co.uk 1:53 pm
    (1:53:57 PM): i have

    (1:54:14 PM): was waiting for reply from him

    (1:54:15 PM): i sent it

    (1:54:18 PM): he gave me his name

    (1:54:21 PM): etc

    (1:54:57 PM): can u swap just 440 real quick, wana play turbos
    Herbhealsme 1:55 pm
    (1:55:32 PM): send me the 440 first

    (1:55:33 PM): and ill ship
    railtard1@hotmail.co.uk 1:55 pm
    (1:55:35 PM): i will

    (1:55:38 PM): wats stars name again

    (1:55:41 PM): rounder425?
    Herbhealsme 1:56 pm
    (1:56:54 PM): 925rounder

    (1:56:59 PM): walnut creek

    (1:57:04 PM): once i recieve ill ship

    (1:57:19 PM): can u actaully do lil more im looking for stars trade

    (1:58:10 PM): 1k?
    Herbhealsme 2:01 pm
    (2:01:25 PM): ?

    So yea, I feel like an idiot but I've done tons and tons of transfers with regs and never had an issue. I just wanna make sure this gets out there so no one else gets scammed like me and Allinwithdabest did. If anyone else has been scammed plz post any information you have about him in this thread.
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  2. sigh
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  3. He's always the biggest fking douche at the tables...HHD.
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  4. wowwwwwwwwwwwww
    very surprsing to see a reg do this.
    ul jy =(
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  5. super sigh, weaksauce
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  6. Twin lake? Alibi Bar represent!
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  7. wait did u send money to either the railtard1 or deanprice23 accounts and then he didnt send back? or did u send money to his "horses" for him but it was really someone who hacked his aim and lied about having horses?
    sorry i just seem to be confused either way rly bad situation and i hope it gets resolved

    think i had heard bad things about his character and obviously hes a hugeee chat douche (although there r plenty of those who dont scam)
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  8. Hate this guy. Always tooling out in the chat
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  9. yeah. i doubt he paid him back, but he also owed xxcelticfcxx a few k too, fkin hate scammers
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  10. funny thing i find in this thread is that GUESSIRUNBAD who he supposedly was staking was in a 13 90 man with me a few days ago and he played terribly...
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  11. misunderstanding, truth will be on here momentarily
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  12. Sorry to hear this Jy.. makes you sick and ruins it for the genuine ones :(
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  13. can a mod remove this please, i am in process of sorting this! its not as simple as what is said!
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  14. Hes owed a friend of mine , also a reg, $2k for a few weeks now, lied about paying it back, sayin he made a bank transfer that as far as i know has never actually come, and he speaks to my friend on msn, not aim, so def wasnt hacked. pretty interested to hear whats actually going on here.
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  15. probably scamming as much as he can before he loses ppl's trust
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  16. TO's in da house!
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  17. Emails received from railtard1:


    "hi, i would like my account closed and deleted please and all details of me removed, including all posts etc etc!

    i would like this done as soon as possible, many thanks, marc wright"


    "hi i just asked for my account to be removed, i would also like the thread to be removed that has been made about me, its not true and slanderous.... i think maybe illegal, my account on AIM was hacked, its under pker descussion, and says im a scammer, can this be rmeoved please!

    thanks marc"


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  18. im owed 3.2K$ from railtard1... used to do swaps with him soo thought he was trustworthy and now for over a month been sending me bullshit excuses over facebook! soo his aim wasnt hacked and he hasnt been scammed, its actually him and i think hes just busto with gambling problems using other peoples money to get himself out of trouble!!! have proof if he tries telling u otherwise... there anything we can do??? he was even sitting at the tables last night playing 200$ supert urbos and turbo sit+goes and playing in over 2K of tournies last sunday soo what i dont get if he doesnt have money then how can he be playing these or has he borrowed off soo many different people that he uses there money for turboments... also he told me that he uses his friends account on stars, dean23price (which 1st is illegal) and 2ndly he shipped the sunday mill and super tuesday on it soo how the fuck can he be broke... got proof in a message too that he says he uses this account... feedback would be awesome
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    Originally Posted by railtard1 View Post

    misunderstanding, truth will be on here momentarily

    Originally Posted by railtard1 View Post

    can a mod remove this please, i am in process of sorting this! its not as simple as what is said!

    Thanks for the responses but it's more important that the thread be in PD in case of further scams/etc -- it's the best situation for the community as a whole.

    We will edit the OP and title once the situation is resolved. Looking forward to the explanation.
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  20. if you read the 2p2 version of this thread several people confirm him as a really shady person/scammer that have known him for a while, so gonna guess that it's true and his aim was not hacked.
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  21. can u put up a link gags??
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  22. I wonder just how many people hes stolen from...

    Pretty evident whats happened here, guys got himself into debt, continued to borrow (under false pretences) sayin his limits n stuff have run out and hes done ´bank transfers´ all to buy himself some time.

    He now wants to get rid of his p5s account, changed his location to Switzerland, lol, removed everyone from the poker world off facebook, msn, and aim.. and probably has the intention to set up new screen names everywhere.

    Although he sent me a message saying he got scammed, please do explain...
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    Originally Posted by chaz_man_chaz View Post

    can u put up a link gags??

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  24. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/sh...6&postcount=33


    i cant find it in myself to write a logn response at the moment, as everything is likely to be twisted on here and what i say might not come acrorss correct. But what i will say is that i did/have made a f mess, i owe a few people $$. Im not busto, im liquid cash busto, if that makes sense!
    I was borrowing a ton of money to gamble high and chased etc etc. Pretty degen tbh! i regret it obv, but not gona dwell. Doubt i will find a backer now, which sucks as i have won alot of money playing mtt;s, and as that post said
    i have had big scores including in that million (it was pretty soft final 2 tables tho and the onyl reg left ronaldgrauer embarrased himself when raise folding out of like 9-10bb stacks on 3 occasions).
    But aside from that i dont mind if this thread continues and people take digs etc etc, its cool, i deserve it. Ill pay thhe people i owe $$ to back soon, obv asap. Im not a regular poster here, but i read here quite alot and obv felt that this needed adressing. I apologise in advance if the tone of this message is not to some peoples likings, its not intentional, i have wrote this quickly.

    on blonde poker (http://blondepoker.com/forum/index.php?topic=49229.90)


    pretty funny some of the responses, especially from some of the people who dont know me or anything about the situation.

    I will try to be as honest as possible in this post, and if i get some non constructive replys, and highlighted sentences intending to annoy / tilt / belittle me, i wont post on this subject again.

    Ok, i do owe a few people money. Some of the amounts have been exaggerated, but basically its true. Im obv very annoyed at myself, but tbh as bram said, not surprising.

    Ive had a good year in strictly poker terms and have crushed mtt;s. I have allways been outspoken and have never shyed away from any criticism or spotlight. After having a couple of huge scores i started backing people, and although its worked out decent, the extras that go with it have meant im not sure if im winning as a backer or not (its close i think). Im obv not backing anyone at the moment and have like $35k of make up outstanding which i realise is gg'd. I spent alot of money buying nice things, and buying nice things for other people. Being too generous at times was obv -EV, and in hindsight i done some stupid things trying to be good to people! I backed some people who where never going to win money as poker players simply because i felt i should be helping my friends out when i have money and they dont.

    Alot of the comments on 2+2 etc r not even close to true and some of it is simply made up to obv make me look worse.. similar with some of the posts on here. If people had better things to do then they prob wouldnt have to b writing things about me.

    Ive lost a ton of money playing live poker over the last year, building day one stacks, often having day 2 chip leads and spewing off for no particular reason. When i started to get thru money i continued backing people when i couldnt really afford to which was obv naive, and only done it because i didnt wana lose face i guess!

    I then opened a betfair account, mainly to bet on world cup with, and i lost money on the world cup, but betfair had no depo limits so i could literally depo any amount i wnated to on there and hamble as high as i like. I remember one night, i lost like £25k in an hour i think, obv i was pretty ill that night and didnt sleep. But the loss didnt really bother me which was pretty sick. I did self ban myself from there after that, and have not been on there since obv. In fact i have not gambled since away from poker. Getting low on funds i started borrwing $ from people who i would trust me to lend me money. I would basically play, then pay back if i won, and owe for a week or sumink if i didnt. I know i should of tried to get backed a while ago, but too proud i guess, Plus, wasnt sure who i could ask, as all the "friends" i had when i had money, were suddenly either not my friends now, or didnt have money now! I didnt borrow money from people with intention of not paying it back, i just wasnt thinking AT ALL!

    Its pretty hard for me to write this tbh, but felt it was neccesary as people were posting on here with NO CLUE as to what was happening. To clear up, i dont owe cos money, im not sure where that came from. He was backed by me, and left on neutral terms a coupla K in make up i think.

    Dreenie has made some funny posts, to the point i laughed wne i wrote them, i think its none of ur business, i owe u not a penny, and u posting here is making urself look really petty. I think u should sort urself out before u wana have a go at me.

    Im not proud that i owe a few people money, and the wprst thign is, its obv gona be hard for me to get a backer at the moment which ruins the best chance i have of paying the money back immediately (despite allways being good with backers in the past). I do however have a few assets which i am going to try liquidate in the near future and settle with people. Im really not sure why this thread was made tbh as i dont owe cos money, and its like even like i owe the whole of the blonde community money! I will pay people asap, i have allways paid everythign back!

    To settle a few other things that were said on here, INCORRECTLY... my tilt name is railtard1, my stars name was DDfromDS, but it got blocked pending some form of ID (which i have no way of getting) because i had an account with them wen i was like 16 or sumink and i deposited maybe $50. They wanted the card details o deposited on, but this is ridic as its 8 years ago. I played the sunday million one sunday on dean23price, my house mates account, and shiped it for $232k, toby had 10% of it, and he then used the account (by himself, taking over from me after 2 hours), to win the stars super tuesday which were 50/50 in. I was not playing any comps on 2 accounts, no multi accounting was done in anyway! Stars would of not been able to prove anythign obv as its deans address also. I dont use the account anymore, and wont do in future.

    As i said i wont/cant play online for a bit untill i sorted some stuff out, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later because behind all of this, i think im quite talented at the game (regardless of what people may say). I will read some more of this thread if it is sensible comments and stuff, but if it turns into a "bear baiting" affair, i wont read or reply to the thread, and ur only wasting ur own time then!

    I do regret the way thigs have turned out OBVIOUSLY!, and i am gutted i let it get out of control like this, but only im to blame, and i got out of it once, id like to think ill be back in the game very very soon (after i have paid the owed $ back obviously).

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  25. Am i missing something..?

    or is he using the "Chazz hacked account" excuse on p5s while hes using the gambling problem/bad run excuse on 2+2.
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  26. he seems to have come clean, not that what he did is okay
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  27. Wait a minute... How did he get inception on DVD so soon? Something's not right here...

    Edit: post 8000, w00t
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  28. switching your location to switzerland?

    dude you obv have a HUGE gambling addiction which is clouding your ability to think clearly. saying you hope to pay all this back soon so you can get back in the game is scary to think about. if you scammed before due to being a degen, what's to say it won't happen again? thinking that you have control over your addiction is lol. you purposely freerolled others hard earned $$$ more than once and openly admit it. do you not see this as a problem? take a step back for a second and think about the whole picture. you need some serious help and i truly hope you get it.
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  29. the boys clearly got gambling issues and needs some help.... worse of the lows is to play on other peoples money when u know ure broke and to lie about it! in his defence, he keeps sending me private messages and admits hes fucked up soo I honestly do think he will eventually pay me, and the other 5,10, 20, 100 people he owes (dont know how many) it keeps going up by the minute... but what i want to know is how hes gonna get this money? and whos he gonna pay back 1st? just feel like a fool believing this guy... also why the hell was he grinding 200$ turbo S+g last night when he owes this money?? be good to hear from people that actually know him face to face! like he keeps saying we will meet at the big live events in september, sure be a few people there he will need to face up to...
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  30. fkkk that sucks Jy, hope you get it worked out..... Railtard.... hope I meet you irl one day.....
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