Satty Question
  1. We are 5 handed with top 2 getting ticket and 3rd $4

    I have to fold here right? I was calling the SB jam all day long.

    Game started at: 2017/8/9 5:29:59
    Game ID: 978012513 300/600 $7K EarlySpecial Satellite - 2 Seats GTD, Table 2 (Hold'em)
    Seat 2 is the button
    Seat 2:(24212).
    Seat 3:(4214).SB
    Seat4: (19154). BB
    Seat 5: me (10295).
    Seat 7: (2125).
    Player HERE4DALLULZ received card: [Jc]
    Player HERE4DALLULZ received card: [Ac]
    Player HERE4DALLULZ raises (1200)
    Player folds
    Player folds
    Player 3 allin (3839)
    Player 4 raises (6478)
    Player HERE4DALLULZ folds

    removed results so not to sway the discussion, if there is one lol
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  2. LOL welp....been a long night and didn't realize that I left that I folded lol. Might as well post the rest then lol

    *** FLOP ***: [9s Kc 5d]
    *** TURN ***: [9s Kc 5d] [Jh]
    *** RIVER ***: [9s Kc 5d Jh] [Ah]
    ------ Summary ------
    Pot: 9853. Rake 0
    Board: [9s Kc 5d Jh Ah]
    *Player 3 shows: One pair of 10s [10d 10h]. Bets: 4214. Collects: 9853. Wins: 5639.
    Player 4 shows: One pair of 2s [2s 2d]. REALLY MF??????v Bets: 4214. Collects: 0. Loses: 4214.

    This is a horrible play by the BB? Not quite sure WTF he was trying to do. When he raised I said in chat "really" "Guess I'll fold AJcc". When I saw his hand I said "WITAF?" He said "sorry man thought he was trying to push off a small ace"......really dumbass? lol. I mean am I wrong here thinking that was about a dumb of a move as possible?
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  3. Yeah, I am folding. because of the nature of it being a satty, player 4 is not going to be particularly light here often, although he obviously turned out to be. His play with 2s is probably pretty bad. and as you said, if he folds we should be calling.
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  4. yea man, I'm not one to talk shit to people in the chat box.....but ,.......that shit tilted the fuck outta me lol. He think I was folding to the SB? He's Dominated there so much its comical. I really need to get out the micro stakes ASAP lol
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  5. BB is 600, you raise to 1.2, seat 3 shoves.. Seat 4 that has you covered raises because it knows it wont beat both of you with overpairs and figures out two things. 1st what I just said.. Cant beat both with the lowest possible pair without connecting on the 2 outer and 2nd that your small raise puts you on a poor premium hand and very likely you fold to his isolation raise.

    Assume you called, flop leaves you with one over and no draw.. You fold if he puts you all in for the rest knowing 5th player has 2k left on the equation. The A or J should have been there on the flop, period.

    So good fold for what is worth. You will never know 100% for sure what people hold no matter how skillfull you are at reading patterns. The play was simple. All in or fold pre. You can afford to lose 1.2k with 10k remaining 2 spots away from the glory and 5th player almost out.

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