1. In April, my step brother visited in Panama and we played a week of tournaments on Pokerstars and made about 5,000 bucks. It was a very successful week considering I was a Peace Corps Volunteer making 470 bucks a month. I decided to take the money off of Stars and onto Skrill, but it has been a huge mistake. After a bank statement, letter from my bank, lease agreement (Even though I lived in a super rural area without any electricity or address proof), and two letters from the Peace Corps to prove my occupation and location, I still was not able to verify my location. The geolocation setting did not work either.

    I recently returned back to the states to start a new job, and will not be returning to Panama for a while. I am now considering my options. I currently live in California. Do I rent a place in Mexico for a period of time and open a bank account there? Do I ask a friend in Panama to add me on to their lease or utility bill? All I want to do is transfer to another skrill wallet or get the money back on Pokerstars. My account is currently locked and they have told me they can hold the money there but for a charge of 3 euros a month as an inactivity fee. Has anyone else dealt with this situation? I am desperate for any advice.

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  2. Ima be real with u, Skrill is straight up trifflin!! trees on deck pimp, okaaayyy
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