1. After the day of usual sit and go's i decided to play every mtt running in a two hour period, cashing 5 in 11. Made the final 3 in the 2.20 10k guaranteed for my biggest win ever but just under the elusive four figure score im seeking, However at the same time i came 12th in the 2.75 after flopping a set of 10s for his kq to hit a straight on the river after flopping j10 open ended. sick as i really thought i should have won both but has been a long time coming so hopefully i can start building on this now.
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  2. good job merry! keep up the grind and im sure you'll be playing the mid stake buyin in no time! :)
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  3. nice mtt are fun i placed 12th/1750 in 5k freeroll 35$ restoring my br an now learning to manage it an not go out side br limits
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  4. Congrats op! gogogo. The more volume and work you put in the more often you'll find yourself sitting at ft's!
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  5. yeh thanks all, finally got a chacne to put in more volume now ive finished university, just took one down today finally, think im gona keep up the grind now.
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