1. I also have spoken to Jeff and he claims he's gonna pay. When this thread broke I wrote some long posts about how Jeff owed me money from a stake on FTP and for personal loans. I was advised by an attorney to take those posts down, pending legal action. So I deleted them.

    I gave the pics of Jeff to Husky77. At that time I hadn't heard from Jeff in months, and Husky77 said he wanted to make a website to explain Jeff's scams. So I gave him the pics and Jeff's email, thinking he had actually been scammed by Jeff. Turns out he's some kind of psycho troll. He's trolled other threads as well on 2p2 under the name pokergolfa77. Both P5s and 2p2 should ban this clown Husky77 for being the world's biggest tool and for blackmailing.

    TBH, I'm very skeptical that we will get paid. I've had many broken promises from Jeff before, so I'm not expecting this one to be any different. I had written off Jeff's debt as part of the FTP fiasco and moved on with my life, until this Husky77 circus started.

    If he does somehow come through, I will post again in this thread and on 2p2 to clear his name. Good luck everyone in resolving this.
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  2. Tuesday .......... coming, coming.................... HERE................... Going, going.......................... Gone, gone....

    Has ANYONE been paid by Jeff May today as was promised? Doubt it. whadda loser. Sheesh!
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  3. I would suggest to Jeff to get in contact with authorities for extortion regarding this husky77 character. Unreal how nasty people can actually be. I agree what Jeff did is pretty messed up and he certainly needs help but this Husky77 is the lowest of the low. Pathetic.
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  4. Last Post. Hey Admin, I can't figure out how to delete my account or whatever. Please feel free to do it for me if you want to. I'm done here. I've come to understand for sure that Jeff isn't going to pay any of us back. He's still been stringing me along with one lie after another, one promise after another. They are all lies, sadly. Please pray for Jeff's children, especially the sweet little 2 year old.
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  5. Maybe its just me and im out of line saying this, because he is a shady/scamming individual, but keep his children out of this ffs, especially the last 6 words thats out of line imo.
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  6. especially the sweet little 2 yr old ? kinda creepy imo ........i mean what do you really mean by that......... hopefully nothing
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  7. Get your mind out of the gutter!! I meant exactly what I said; Please pray for Jeff's kids cuz they will need all the help they can get. I specified the youngest one because he is the most vulnerable at this time, as Jeff left his mother in all sorts of financial trouble and Jeff is being a Dead-Beat day, leaving the baby without enuf help to keep him in proper food or diapers. I know his little 2 year old and I and love him very much. He's like a grandson to me.
    So, AGAIN. Please pray for the children.
    No harm or threat intended or implied. Sheesh. What kind of minds troll here?
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  8. Same to you! Get your mind out of the gutter! I meant exactly litteraly what I posted. No threat or sick thing intended. What a strange way to take my request for prayers for a little needy child. Wow. See the above post for full explanation. Gosh!
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  9. I dont think i implied you was threatening at all, obviously he's done you wrong and you are warning the public, just didnt think it was neccesary to bring his children into the topic thats all.
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    Originally Posted by Justice4all View Post

    Last Post. Hey Admin, I can't figure out how to delete my account or whatever. Please feel free to do it for me if you want to. I'm done here. I've come to understand for sure that Jeff isn't going to pay any of us back. He's still been stringing me along with one lie after another, one promise after another. They are all lies, sadly. Please pray for Jeff's children, especially the sweet little 2 year old.

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  11. When I read your post Justice and it said "sweet little 2 year old", it sounded weird and threatening... Read it over if I were you I would edit that post and delete that line... Makes you look like a real creep bringing lil kids into some outstanding gambling debt someone has with you.
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  12. just got ur pm justice , u just have to understand the way it reads, sorry man i apologize
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  13. I am a friend of one of Jeffrey Mays exs. Jeffrey May is a scam artist and is very good at it. He has 3 children with 3 different women that he does not take care of. He is the ultimate liar.
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  14. sick screen name bro... christ
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  16. Sick bump and first post
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    Originally Posted by yourdaddy View Post


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  18. Every word that comes out of Jeff May's mouth is guaranteed to be absolute BS! I know this because, unfortunately, I've met the man-child. He's a compulsive liar and literally the biggest piece of sh*t I've ever come across in my entire life. If you've ever had a conversation with him then you know that he only ever talks about money. How he's supposedly making tons of it, how he has grand plans (aka schemes) to make more, and how he's going to be living the dream in no time. He forgets to mention that he's in debt up to his eyeballs, doesn't own a car, owes everyone he's ever met, and that he doesn't take care of any of his kids. Speaking of his kids, rumor has it that he has another one (his fourth) on the way with a 22 year old. Someone seriously needs to neuter this sad excuse for a man. And please don't get me started on his "inheritance." That story got real old after the first few months. It's been over a year since he claimed of its existence, yet he's still spinning tales (ie: child support put a lien on it, direct deposit didn't go through, check's in the mail, can't cash the cashier's check in his name so he's wiring it to someone else's account, his lawyers have to triple check everything, blah, blah, blah). He's now the punch-line in everyone's jokes because he is just that: A JOKE!
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  19. He still does not have a car, just had his forth baby a few weeks ago, and rumor has it he is scamming a new woman (probably several.) Jeff May is a joke. People need to keep this post alive so if anyone wants to do an internet search on this guy, there will be information for his unsuspecting victims.
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  20. is this the guys picture?? https://www.google.com/search?q=jeff...23%3B492%3B600

    if so LOL
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  21. Wow sorry to hear that man. Terrible thing to happen. Both to you and him.

    Think about it, you have 3 kids and another on the way and your 'profession' is mid stakes online poker, wwyd? He's probably a good guy at heart and a mid stakes guy who ran hot for a period of time, gained a rep, and used it to stake him when he was frivalous with his winnings and lost BRM principles or/and started over extending his ability/winning. And instead of getting a job by circumstance, greed, over confidence, or a combo of each he probably panicked and over extended like so many faced with that situation might. I can see it playing out to panick mode/ becoming a sociopath like so many people in similar situations do, and after reading this thread I feel sorry for all parties involved not so much equally but to the point of pure human reaction for all.

    I feel bad for the kids and moms. I feel bad for the backers and I feel bad that he dug himself so deep his rep was ruined and to the point it affected so many peole's lives negatively. Hopefully it teaches the younger guys not to be so irresponsible not in only backing the wrong guys but extending yourselves beyond your means in life. That includes children, debt, choosing the right friends, backing, etc. once you hit a certain point it's a slippery slope and not many, regardless of past success can climb out of (especially when others you care about are a factor in your decision making).

    This is why I put away $100 a week and continuously use BRM so my account never divits even into my families life. Playing professionally is a huge priveledge/responsibilty that magnifies once families are involved. Once others are involved it's a whole other ball game and more caution must be given. Playing for yourself is way different than playing for a family.... it's a huge investment/responsibilty. It creeps up on people and they make compromises that they wouldn't normally make, take risks they normally wouldn't make, and tell lies they wouldn't normally tell.

    It's easy to sit back on your soap box as a victim or an outside party but once desperate, what would you do if you believed in your whole heart of hearts you could make it work? That you were talented enough to make the ends meet? What would you do if you had 1k in your account and you had to put food on the table for your kids/pay rent for you or pay a backer back when all that was at stake was your rep? What would you do?

    Like I said, I feel for everyone involved, especially the kids and moms. But when backing there's only trust protecting you, no legal obligation, even banks/credit card companies know that. That's part of the risk unfortunately (soneone won't pay or declare bankruptcy)... Despite the party, Everyone can learn something out of this.

    I hope this post sheds light and perspective for others and is seen as a positive not negative.
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  22. The new accounts that post on here tilt me a little bit because they are more or less just hiding from who they are.

    In regards to staking and jsagan's post, there are multiple ways to do things. If horses are having financial difficulties they should talk to their backers and not just steal. Jeffrey May not only stole from his backer, but also constantly lied about payback and other things to compound it. To feel bad for him at this point, makes no sense. I do have some sympathy for others that were for some reason afraid to talk to their backers and just stole and actually felt remorse and are working on ways to payback. Jeffrey May just appears to be a liar and not to be trusted whether it is in staking or in real life.

    Backing to many allows them to play games they might not be able to play on their own. Some have coaching as well in backing agreements. Like in life, some people are trustworthy and others are not. Since I was in the business world and am now in the backing world, even though I have also been burned by others (not in past year thankfully), I try to just stake honest people and find that there are more honest people in the backing world than the business world.
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  23. Maybe i misrepresented what I feel sorry for him about? I feel sorry for him that he became that type of person. I've had friends, good people, who got into more and more red, then it was almost like they became sociopaths. Despite me thinking it was scummy I guess the Christian in me tried not to judge, rather understand, regardless of how I felt about the situation. I'm not sympathetic in the way your thinking... What he did sir was flat out malicious and wrong, but I can see the path that lead him to his actions and am sympathetic that he felt the need to go down that path instead of the better path (the one you laid out). It didn't seem like this was always a problem, it looks like things changed that made him sink to the lies and deceit and instead of judging I tried to add perspective to the situation.

    I'm not against backing, I just think it's too risky for my taste. If someone needs backed to play higher stakes than they normally wouldn't be able to play, that can be a telling thing to begin with, but that's a discussion for another thread. I believe most people are good at heart and would do the right thing if possible however desperate times call for desperate measures and that seems to be the case here mixed with too bravado/ego.

    Maybe that's naive but it's my view.
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  24. This sucks.
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  25. All these new accounts are most prob by the same person, you can make your point on 1 account you know.
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