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  1. hey guys im doing a bankroll challenge im going from £80 to £1,000 in 4 weeks i will be on twitch by playing 4 tables max few hours a day would be great if people could follow/support me please :) some people dont believe i can do it with such volume but im going to prove them all wrong il add few mtts at night but nothing over the top il be starting with £80 and playing NL20 starting off well day one was completed min ago and the bankroll now stands at £156 so i have little more cushion i guess

    my twitch is would really appreciate if you guys can give me some positive support thankyou :) most ppl telling me it cant be done at NL20 with £80 :D
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  2. Well, each day you profit, especially today, early day one....takes SO much pressure off tommorow, You mentioned the 'cushion"...
    Today was great...Running at a rate of 5k a month ATM...
    Tommorow totally matters!! It totally affects the next days you..And you dont want to shit on the third day You!!....He didnt do nothing to you!! Dont fck him!!...So, the pressures on dood...So many factors to consider, but totally doable...I'l watch tommorow...This will be the lowest challedge i have followed..I have no clue how to play low stakes cash tables lol...

    im wonderin whats next for you then,,,the 10k in 180 days?
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  3. hey buddy , ok so yes it was really good for the bit of cushion and less stress now as i can afford more standard plays really lol but im still leaning to play bit more passive atm than aggressive il be adding some mtts in here too and pretty sure can bink few of them my goal is small atm ok only 1k but that is just my first step my overall is to reach NL200 but i think thats good idea to try make it in 180 days il make sure i reach this one first then il do that then 180 days ;)

    i am trying to improve my twitch channel so its actually fun to follow and my main aim is to just help people improve so maybe the can see the way i think and try use some of the things if they find it helpful

    thanks for support appreciate it nice to see some positive people still alive now day and age lol :)
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