1. Gratz sickooo! that's badge number 4 i guess! makes all the mtt regs in the tourney look pretty old
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  2. Weeeeeeeeeeeee :) I ran well for sure though.
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  3. confirmed rogged jk obv geegs
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  4. Way to go wacky!
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  5. Wackyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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  6. This reminds me of an episode of "The Office" where Jim awarded Employee of the Month to himself. Then, when the staff flipped, he awarded it to his wife.

    Great job, Jaxon.
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  7. Congrats Wacky!
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  8. huge congrats!!!!
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  9. ship the shiny new badge,baller
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  10. nice badge wacky....congrats!!
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  11. TY everyone! :)
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  12. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Congrats Jax!!!!
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  13. congrats wacky good job mate!
    Edited By: rock_it_bad Feb 24th, 2012 at 01:28 AM
    Reason: still annoyed i missed rego by one minute! but good to see u scoop it
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  14. grats lol n1
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  15. congrats man good job shipping! so jealous of the badge
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  16. congrats wacky!
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  17. Yeah congrats
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  18. Here's an interview we did with Jaxon just a few minutes after his big win today:
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  19. Congrats wacky, well done.
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  20. Nice run!!!
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  21. Damn wacky, how many more badges are you going to collect? Oh yeah, congrats. haha
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  22. Congrats Wacky!!
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  23. Congrats :)
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  24. wow so ruggged

    just kidding :) congrats!
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  25. how much was 1st? Congrats by the way..
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  26. RIGGED ??
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  27. grats!
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  28. how much longer till i get my p5s elite badge?
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  29. congrats wacky!
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  30. very much congratulation to you Wacky, well done.

    Nice badge.
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