1. Shipped The Hot $11 for 7k was $1500 down on a $2000 stake, what a way to get the proverbial monkey of the back

    It's no 50k score but fc me that one feels good, been a long time coming


    EDIT: Tonzzas money runs GoooooooooooD!!!
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  2. Congrats man, shippin something to get out of MU is always nice
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  3. congrats!!
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  4. TY Gents And so true rhin getting out of MU I think feels better than the win, or maybe it's a combined euphoria :)
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  5. Niceeeee, always good to get out of MU
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  6. Congrats!! :)
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  7. thats great man wd
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  8. grats, nice score
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  9. congrats sir!
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  10. grats!
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  11. nice job...now put it all on red..keep up the good work, MU sucks
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  12. awesome great job
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  13. Bink.. Congrats
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  14. Congrats!! I am about due also!!

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    Originally Posted by Arty_the_Cat View Post

    Congrats!! I am about due also!!


    Boy or girl? Congrats anyway
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