Long story cut shortish! basically i very rarely check my bank statements and had been in australia for last 5 months visiting my girlfriend... soo i decide one day to log onto my online banking and find out that i never received 2 payouts from UB, which in the cashier part say processed over 1 month ago!! so where has it gone? has this ever happened to someone at UB before??

So i quickly speak to a representative on the live chat feature... and he says he will pass it on to the investigation team! over a week later and still not heard back form them! also I ask him for a list of all payouts i have made from last september, which he replies "I will email a list of all your payouts straight away". again a week has passed and still not received that email! bit of a joke dont u think?

which brings me back to last september when I won the UBOC main event, they said only way of getting all the money out of my account was for them to automatically withdraw 10K every week until it had all gone... which was ok for me, then after it had all been processed I realise i hadnt received 2 of the 10K transactions? which seemed odd to me so I double checked and they said it had been rejected by my bank and returned! which seems ok right? however it had been returned, just without UB actually putting it back into my poker account!! soo had i not noticed then i really dont know if id ever see that 20K again!!

soo im guessing thats whats happened this time, that my bank may have rejected the payouts which have been processed... but then why dont UB just put it straight back into my poker account? why has it taken over a week to find out where its gone and still not heard back from them? had i not noticed they were missing then i probably would never have seen this money again and UB would have just kept it in holding... where does this money go when it is rejected if it doesnt go back into my poker account??

soo just want to know if this has ever happened to anyone before? is there anything i can do about it? just seems like they keep the money aside when it gets rejected from your bank and just hope the person involved doesnt notice soo they can keep it themselves!!! for a major poker site I think this is absurd and UB support SUCKSSSSS big time!

if i had my own major company and one of my clients hadnt received a payment they were due I would make pretty dam sure that they got it within the next day or 2!