1. 888poker welcomes PKR players with a Special Double Free-roll to all new players

    We at 888poker really value our players. In fact, the 888poker community is like a family. It's our mantra to always keep our players informed even when things don't go according to plan.

    Our reliable and advanced poker software is a big part of our appeal. We are dedicated to keeping our players online and entertained.

    That's why we're planning something very special for our "family" this Sunday. It's two exclusive free tournaments for all eligible new players, including PKR players who have not had access to the site and their accounts for more than 48 hours.

    It's all happening on May 6 and 7.

    Here are the details: -

    Name: Welcome to 888poker
    Dates: 6/5 and 7/5/2017
    Time: 18:00 GMT
    Where: Tournaments restricted tab
    GTD: $2,500 each

    Great Safe Place to Play

    We are one the largest online poker networks with an easily recognisable brand.

    Our primary goal is to provide players with a safe and reliable place to play.

    While we host a traditional mix of poker games - such as Texas Hold'em and Omaha, our site also features PokerCam tables, which brings the excitement of live poker to the online world!

    Generous Poker Tournament Guarantees

    In addition to our free games, we have some of the best poker tournament series online.

    Coming up in a few days is our re-branded XL Championship Series. First up is the $7,500,000 XL Inferno Championships. The series will feature an unprecedented 197 events and run from Sunday, May 7 through Sunday, May 21.

    In the meantime, enjoy our two special Free-rolls courtesy of one of the most trusted poker sites on the web.

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  2. Win a $12,500 luxury package to the
    2017 WSOP Las Vegas!
    The Vegas Spinner is BACK!

    Not registered at 888poker? Register now and get a free spin on our Vegas Wheel!
    Already have an 888poker account? Check out your ways to getting a chance of winning big!

    Each exclusive package up for grabs includes a $10,000 WSOP ME buy-in, flights, accommodation and the chance to win millions!

    And that’s not all!
    We’ve got loads more AWESOME prizes up for grabs in the countdown to the most anticipated event of the year!
    You could also win:

    A $3,000 package to 888poker’s official ‘Crazy Eights’ WSOP Event.

    A ticket to our weekly $8,000 Crazy Eights Package Tournament.

    A ticket to our daily $3,000 Vegas Rush Tournament.

    We’ve got offers for both our existing players and those who haven’t yet registered:

    Players who haven’t yet registered: Register and get a free spin in the Vegas Roller.
    Players who already registered but haven’t yet made a deposit : Deposit $10 or more and get a spin in the Vegas Roller.

    Read more about the Promotion here: https://www.888poker.com/poker-promo...as-vegas-2017/

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  3. Hello,

    The $7,500,000 XL Inferno Championships kicked off Yesterday and it started BIG!
    By the end of the night, 16 events from the Series’ schedule were complete and $1,177,180 in prize money had been awarded.

    Amongst the winners on Day 1 of the XL Inferno, were Brazil’s “Xandee1991” and Latvia’s Guntis “luffEEE” Aleskins.
    The Brazilian was 888poker’s biggest winner yesterday, taking home over $53,000!

    For full coverage of our XL Inferno Day#1 click here.
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  4. Hi everyone,

    We're back with episode 4 of The Poker Brief and another look at some of the recent happenings in our industry.
    In this month's edition, the 1 man WSOP-Circuit crushing machine named Maurice Hawkins shared his thoughts with us and we take a look at a GOOD bad beat. Plus, find out how YOU could get to the SHRB as a backstage VIP.
    Let us know what you think, click for The Poker Brief 4.0.
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  5. Hello,

    13 Titles Awarded on Day #2 of 2017 XL Inferno!
    Back to back finalists, big wins for Sweden and Brazil – the 2nd day of 888poker biggest series to date had it all.

    For Day#2 full coverage click here.
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  6. Hello,

    Three High Roller Title Awarded on Day #3 of 2017 XL Inferno Championship!
    Amongst the Day 3 highlights were “Anteen” becoming the XL Inferno’s first two-time champ, as well as title wins by Pedro “gusma” Madeira, and Kurt “GiNgErSpEw” Fitzgerald.
    For Day#3 full coverage click here.
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  7. 888poker is ‘Taking Back the Game’

    Online poker giant reveals its future ambitions for 2017 and beyond.

    The world’s 2nd largest online poker brand, 888poker, has launched a long term strategy under the bold new banner of ‘Taking Back the Game’, accompanied by a brand new TV campaign which will air on 11/05/2017.

    As a huge influencer in a fast-evolving market, the 888poker site is celebrated for its on-going commitment to supporting and enriching the experience of its players.

    888poker was the first to recognize a desire for change and a growing sense of frustration from players due to the direction in which the industry is developing; uneven matches, slow games and disproportionate VIP bonuses. The online poker room have now made it their mission to change this, so their players can enjoy a poker game worth playing.

    888poker is, essentially, ‘Taking back the Game’ on behalf of the players.
    Working towards this goal over the past year, 888poker has already launched a number of initiatives aimed at rekindling online poker players’ enthusiasm and love of the game, including:

    · The launch of a unique loyalty program which offers its recreational players a more beneficial structure and rewards system.
    · Exciting and original promotions which offer all players, no matter their skill level the chance to win more cash and prizes. For example, this year’s hugely popular ‘Treasure Quest’ which required players to complete daily challenges in order to reach the end of an online game board.
    · Exceptional, innovative and quick-paced poker variants to enhance players’ game experience. The extremely popular ‘BLAST’ poker is just one example of this – and players can expect some other exciting developments in this area very soon!
    · As exclusive sponsors of the World Series of Poker, the largest online poker event in the world, for the third year running, 888poker has made the WSOP more accessible to its players. This year 888poker will send over 250 players to Vegas through its online satellite tournaments and promotions, which offer buy-ins starting from just 1 cent.

    Several other initiatives and projects are also expected to be announced in the coming months.

    SVP Head of B2C at 888Holdings, Itai Pazner, spoke enthusiastically about the poker site’s ground-breaking new approach:
    “For many years, 888poker has been celebrated as a platform which welcomes members from all different levels of experience and ability; a place to call home for recreational and professional players alike.
    ‘Taking back the game’ is about going one step further for our players; it’s about moving forwards, not backwards, and shaping the future of online poker so that we give our players a better experience.
    We have a clear and positive picture of how we see 888poker developing over the next few years, both online and offline, and I personally can’t wait to see 888poker transform and revolutionize the way online poker is played!”

    A TV, VOD, pre-roll and digital display campaign will launch this new strategy. #Buzzkills, a campaign calling out all these negative elements about online poker and highlighting the changes that 888poker has made to create a more enjoyable game for a more diverse community of players.

    Four 30 second ads channel the frustrations players feel as ‘What a Buzzkill’ and reveal 888poker’s solutions – less waiting, more playing; fairer games; better chance of winning and exciting promotions for everyone, encapsulated in the endline: ‘888poker. Taking Back the Game’.

    888poker will continue to develop its exciting new initiatives in the coming year, whilst introducing a number of additional promotions and projects to further its ambitions for 2017. Watch this space!

    Check out our new film which highlights 888poker’s new vision:

    For English – click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvxDHuNGNeQ
    For German – click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G6jeJ4qUD0
    For Portuguese – click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKO6yPH2FtY
    For Spanish – click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIJI2HrpxmQ
    For Russian – click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlwyNyoO3Z0

    To view the new #Buzzkills campaign, click here.
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  8. Poker Photography Comes to Life with ‘fabfotos’

    Nothing fans the flames on a memory of a great sporting event like a photograph.
    When we close our eyes to remember an event that rocked our very emotional foundation to the core it’s the photograph that is seared into our neural pathways.

    Who can forget the photograph taken by Neil Leifer of a young Muhammad Ali, standing over a defeated Sonny Liston, with that look of arrogance that would help him become the most talked about fighter in the history of the sport?

    The emotional intensity of the famous shot of a defiant Jesse Owens, standing on the podium of the 1936 Olympics in the midst of Nazi salutes and an on looking Adolf Hitler angered that a black man beat the unbeatable Aryan race.

    Sport is nothing without vision.
    For vision to last an eternity, we need someone standing in the right spot, at the right time, to take the right shot.

    The poker world is no different.

    Click here for Lee Davy’s inspiring piece about photography and Fabian Grubler.
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  9. Hello,

    “mne_d0edet1” & Brazil’s “joao_mathias” Win Big on Day #4 of XL Inferno.

    Amongst Day 4’s highlights was Event #47 8-Max which drew 840 players!
    The event’s guaranteed prize-pool of $50,000 was smashed, reaching $84,000.

    For Day#4 full coverage click here.

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  10. Hello,

    Day 5 provided us some amazing poker-action with Sweden’s “bananove” taking down Event #62 Quarterback for $28,240.
    Spanish pro Adrian ‘ADRI_ATM’ Mateos had to settle for 5th place and a $7,983.30 payday.

    For Day#5 full coverage click here.
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  11. Hello,

    At day 6 of the $7,500,000 XL Inferno, we saw Brazil’s “LeoJoseCarne” making an amazing accomplishment by capturing 2 (!) XL Inferno titles in 1 night!

    + Day 7 expected highlights, amongst them the popular Event #86 Crazy 8, $88,000 GTD.

    For Day#6 full coverage click here.

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  12. Hello,

    The highlight of day 7th of the $7,500,000 XL Inferno Championships was, without a doubt, Event #86 $88,000 Crazy 8.
    The $88 buy-in tournament drew 722 players and created a massive $90,480 prize pool.

    After 11 hours and 21 minutes, the Netherlands’ “JDias99” emerged victorious to capture a $16,919 first-place prize.

    For Day#7 full coverage click here.
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  13. Hello,

    Day 8 of the XL Inferno championships $7,500,000 saw “PokerMogo” wins Event #97 Tune Up, for just under $45,000!
    “B4NKR0LL3R” Claimed his Second XL Inferno Title & More!
    For Day#8 full coverage click here.

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  14. 888Live Barcelona exceeds all expectations as over 700 players signed up for the opening event

    Our third 888Live Festival had been a roaring success with over 30 nationalities taking place so far, with 720 players entering the opening event!
    It all kicked off on May 12 at the Casino Barcelona in the €200+20 Opening Event, crushing the €100K guarantee to create a prize pool of €138,240 with the top 81 spots reaching the money.

    After an action-filled first three days, we were down to nine players.
    Within 10 minutes, they shook hands and called it a night.

    It was a friendly way to end an event that attracted to recreational players out for a good game with a decent return on their buy-in.

    For the full article click here.
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  15. Hello,

    Day 9 of the XL Inferno championships $7,500,000 saw Swede player Robin “Inho” Ylitalo taking down Event #110 Crocodile.
    For Day#9 full coverage click here.

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  16. Hello,

    On day 10 of the $7,500,000 XL Inferno championships, we saw a whopping $50,000 raised for Charity during the ‘Chip-in’ events.
    We were thrilled to see players participating, and ‘chipping-in’ for a very worthy cause!

    For full coverage from Day#10 click here.
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  17. In 2017, a crack poker unit is sent to Las Vegas by an online poker site for plays they did commit.
    These men and women promptly defy the odds to the make the final table. This is “The 8-Team”.

    Big changes are in store for the 2017 World Series of Poker, which will once again be sponsored by 888poker.
    Yesterday, WSOP officials revealed both a new television deal and the retirement of the Main Event November Nine, instead opting to play it out in July.
    Following in their footsteps of big announcements, we’re happy to reveal “The 8-Team”.

    We’ve managed to build five amazing teams, each from a different country and featuring a team captain, wing man, and a qualifier.
    The teams – which are comprised of the UK, Germany, Canada, Brazil and Sweden – will all participate in the 2017 WSOP Main Event.
    The qualifier that does the best (determined by who reaches the highest spot in the tournament out of the 5 tram qualifiers) will win a 2018 WSOP ME Package.

    For more information click here.
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  18. Hello,

    The twelfth day of the $7,500,000 XL Inferno Championships saw another 14 events come to a close.
    Among the notable winners were well-known poker pros Thomas “WushuTM” Muhlocker and Steven “Kale333” van Zadelhoff.

    Day #13, Knock-Out!
    Friday will see 11 more events take place with buy-ins ranging from $30 up to $160.
    The daily Lightning 6-Max, Breeze, Deep-stack Swordfish, and Crocodile are all on the schedule, as are two Knock-Out Events.

    For full coverage from Day#12 click here.
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  19. Hello,

    From May 28 through June 1, ARIA will once again play host to Poker Central’s 3rd Annual Super High Roller Bowl (SHRB), a tournament that earlier this year won “Event of the Year” at the American Poker Awards.

    For the second year in a row, 888poker will not only serve as an official sponsor of the tournament, but we will see one of our own, 888poker Ambassador Dominik Nitsche, test his skills against some of the best poker players in the world.

    Kara Scott, Nitsche’s fellow 888poker Ambassador and hostess of the SHRB, recently spoke to Nitsche about this year’s event.

    “I’m very excited to play; it’s a lot of fun,” Nitsche told Scott. “Basically, it’s just a home game of all our friends.
    Everyone knows each other. The atmosphere is probably going to be quite relaxed at first, but I can imagine it getting quite tense at the end simply because it’s a $300,000 buy-in, and that’s a lot of money.”

    Click here for the interviews recap + full video.
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  20. Hello

    Day 13 of the $7,500,000 XL Inferno Championships was comprised of 11 events, and saw Argentina’s “Dmilito22” capture his second title in two days. In addition, “PuntSonPunt” topped a tough final table to take down the Crocodile.

    Day#14 – Six Max Featured on Penultimate Day

    The penultimate day of the XL Inferno will see 13 events ranging in buy-ins from $30 up to $215. That includes the $215 buy-in Event #170 $40,000 Octopus, $160 buy-in Event #172 $20,000 Crocodile, and $55 buy-in Event #178 $30,000 Saturday Challenge.

    For full coverage from Day#13 click here
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  21. Hello

    Day 14 of the $7,500,000 XL Inferno Championships was comprised of 13 events, sand saw Twitch superstar and 888poker Ambassador Parker “888tonkaaaa” Talbot finish third in the Breeze. In addition, Romania’s “PokerMogo” captured his second title of the series.

    Day#15 – What’s in Store for the Final Day?

    Sundays are always big for online poker players, but this Sunday is event bigger with the conclusion of the XL Inferno Championships. There are 17 events on tap with buy-ins ranging from $22 up to $1,050.

    Of course, the highlight is the $1,050 buy-in Event #189 $1,500,000 Main Event at 18:00. At the same time, the $160 buy-in Event #190 $250,000 Mini Min Event will kick off. Two hours later the $109 buy-in Event #196 $30,000 Turbo Main gets underway, and an hour after that the final tournament of the XL Inferno – the $75 buy-in Event #197 $15,000 Super Turbo Main Event – will give players their last opportunity to capture a title.

    For full coverage from Day#14 click here

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  22. Hello,

    The final day of the $7,500,000 XL Inferno Championships was a record-breaking one as the $1,050 Main Event achieved the largest prize pool in 888poker history!
    The XL Inferno Main Event provided a staggering $1,755,000 prize-pool!

    It was a fitting way to end our most profitable, longest series to date, one that encompassed 197 events over two weeks.

    Among the XL Inferno’s other achievements was last Tuesday’s highest buy-in tournament ever held on 888Poker with the $5,200 buy-in High Roller, which generated an $810,000 Prize pool and helped donating $50,000 to charity through ‘REG’.

    For full coverage from Day#15 click here.
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  23. Argentina’s Cristian “progree69” Sampaoli topped a field of 110 entries to win the 2017 XL Inferno Champion of Champions for a seat into the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event.
    “zinkAA” and Anton “anteen” Bertilsson both won WSOP packages.
    Find out all the details in our Champion of Champions recap.

    Cristian “progree69” Sampaoli Wins XL Inferno Champion of Champions
    By: Chad Holloway

    On Wednesday, the XL Inferno Championships, which was comprised of 197 events over 14 days, came to an end with the prestigious “Champion of Champions.”
    The tournament was restricted to those who won titles during the series, and 110 of them ended up participating.

    Those who finished 6th through 40th received a $55 888poker ticket, and some of the players who banked a ticket were Robin “Inho” Ylitalo (40th), “PulledPorker” (32nd), “Xandee1991” (25th), “Mindcruhers” (16th), and “PuntSonPunt” (6th).

    Meanwhile, Brazilians “F1oba” and “jxangai” each received a $600 ticket for finishing in fifth and fourth place respectively.
    That ensured the final three were headed to the 2017 World Series of Poker, but the only question was what events would they be playing.

    For Sweden’s Anton “anteen” Bertilsson who won Event #36 $50,000 High Roller for $116,974, the answer was Event #60 $888 Crazy Eights as was awarded a side event package after finishing in third place.
    Likewise, runner-up “zinkAA,” who hails from Ukraine and won Event #91 $30,000 Sunday Lightning, received a buy-in to the same tournament but also a $1,050 Main Event qualifier seat.

    As for the Champion of Champions, after six hours and 21 minutes, the title went to Argentina’s Cristian “progree69” Sampaoli, who you might recall topped a field of 543 players to win the XL Inferno Event #178 $30.000 Saturday Challenge for $5,720.

    Sampaoli actually got off to a quick start in the XL Inferno when he placed 24th for $538.50 in the first event.
    He went on to notch seven total cashes including sixth in Event #46 $20,000 Monsoon for $1,638 and fourth in Event #57 $20,000 Crocodile for $3,687.75.
    Four days later, he actually final tabled the Crocodile again, finishing eighth for $895.50.

    In the live realm, the Argentinean has just four cashes totaling $15,235.
    The first two came in his home country back in 2014 and 2015, with the better of the two being $8,493 for placing 11th in the 2015 Circuito Argentino de Poker Grand Final Main Event in Rosario.
    In 2016, he attended the WSOP International Circuit in Punta del Este, Uruguay and cashed twice including a runner-up finish in Event #2 $400 No-Limit Hold’em Turbo for $3,450.

    Not only did Sampaoli earn the bragging rights that come with being deemed the 888poker XL Inferno Champion of Champions, he was awarded a seat into the 2017 WSOP Main Event, which could potentially lead to millions of dollars.
    Final Table Results
    1 Cristian “progree69” Sampaoli (Argentina) WSOP ME Package
    2 “zinkAA” (Ukraine) Crazy 8 Package & $1,050 ME Qualifier ticket
    3 Anton “anteen” Bertilsson (Sweden) Crazy 8 WSOP Side Event Package
    4 “jxangai” (Brazil) $600 ticket
    5 Fábio “F1oba” Maritan (Brazil) $600 ticket
    6 “PuntSonPunt” (N/A) $55 ticket
    7 “mikazika986” (Moldova) $55 ticket
    8 “pvss10” (Brazil) $55 ticket
    9 “1LevelAbove” (Sweden) $55 ticket

    The XL Inferno finished strong when the Main Event surpassed its advertised $1.5 million guarantee by creating a $1.755 million prize pool, the largest prize pool ever on 888poker.
    All told, 121,000 players participated in 197 events spread over two weeks.
    During that time, we put up $7.5 million in guarantees, but thanks to such a strong turnout, $11,207,274.44 in prize pools were actually up for grabs during the series.

    For those looking ahead to 888poker’s next big poker series, mark your calendar for September, which is when the sky will be the limit with the XL Eclipse Championship. Then, in January 2018, there will be no time to chill as we’ll be hosting our XL Blizzard Championship.
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  24. Hello,

    Once again, we at 888poker are changing the game!

    Last year, we introduced BLAST events, which are super-turbo Texas hold’em sit and goes played four-handed.
    Traditionally our BLAST events have lasted 5 minutes, but now we’re introducing Fast BLAST tournaments where the timer runs out after just 2 minutes!

    This means you could play approximately 15 (!) games in the same amount of time it’d take you to do the dishes.
    It’s the perfect option for those players who feel the need for speed!

    Check out what you can do in 2 min or even less + additional information here.
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  25. Hello,

    For the third year in a row, we are returning as an official sponsor of the World Series of Poker.
    As the only site offering WSOP satellites to players around the world, we decided to help out and review for you all the ways in which you can win your way to Las Vegas via 888poker.

    For more information click here.
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  26. 888poker takes the World Series of Poker circuit to Argentina for
    the first time ever
    888poker is heading to the spectacular Casino Iguazú, located by the world famous
    Iguazú Falls. The unique Series will be held from August 2
    nd – 8
    th with 888poker as
    official WSOPC sponsors for the second consecutive year. This comes as part of
    888poker’s ongoing partnership with the WSOP brand, following three years as exclusive
    sponsors of the WSOP Las Vegas.
    This is the first time that the WSOP Circuit has been held in Argentina. Further
    tournaments around South America are due to be announced in the coming weeks.
    Players will have the opportunity to play for huge prizes and take home one of six
    coveted WSOPC Champion rings.
    The event will include a number of Tournaments including the Crazy Eights Side Event
    and the prestigious Main Event.
    “888poker is delighted to have renewed our WSOPC sponsorship for the second year
    running, as part of our ongoing mission to expand 888poker’s presence in the SouthAmerican
    market,” said Senior Vice President & Head of B2C at 888 Holdings, Itai
    “This renewed partnership is testament to our increasingly dominant position in the
    industry and our commitment to making live poker accessible and affordable to as many
    players possible, the world over. We are very excited and proud to be bringing the most
    popular poker series in the world to the renowned Casino Iguazú, one of the most
    acclaimed casinos in South America.
    This is an amazing opportunity to be part of the world’s biggest and most prestigious live
    tournament, from as little as 1¢. I wish all our players the best of luck!”
    “The first ever WSOP circuit in Argentina is the latest development for the Series.” WSOP
    Executive Director, Ty Stewart commented; “The WSOP Circuit continues to expand
    throughout the world and we are thrilled to reach South America with this exciting event in
    Argentina. We are optimistic the event will be well supported and we can continue to host
    bigger and better events each year”.
    Ferando Bianchi, the Marketing Director at Casino Iguazu added; “Iguazu Casino provides a
    spectacular location for the first ever WSOP Circuit Event in Argentina. Located just minutes
    away from the Iguazu falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the famous casino will
    be organizing the event along with 888poker.
    With a tropical environment where visitors are welcomed with warm temperatures
    throughout the year, Casino Iguazu has been one of the most well-known entertainment
    centers in South America for more than twenty years. Widely acknowledged as one of the
    leaders of amusement and sophistication at an international level, the luxury facilities are
    already in motion to welcome players who will battle for this chapter of the most important
    Poker Series of the planet”.
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  27. Welcome to 888poker’s Weekly Deal, with all the best news, results and insights from the past week.

    THIS WEEK: June 11th 2017

    888poker ambassador Sofia “sofialovgren” Lovgren was just shy of capturing our special edition of The Whale, taking 2nd place at 888poker’s biggest Sunday tournament. This amazing accomplishment granted Sofia with close to $27,000!
    WP Sofia!
    Ukraine’s “Sambist1990” was one of 888poker’s biggest winners, winning this week’s Mega-Deep for a staggering $20,000, an incredible return on a $215 investment.
    530 players signed up for the $100,000 GTD. tournament, each paying $215 for the chance of winning BIG in 888poker’s Mega-deep.

    Within the top 20, we saw familiar faces such as German’s “bossamitsch1” and Canada’s “PulledPorker”, but it was players from the Ukraine and UK who finished up top.
    Our top 2 bagged together close to $35,000!

    The special edition of the Whale (with a $1,050 entry and new structure) provided some intense action with 121 players participating in the high-stakes tourney.

    We saw our 888poker ambassador Sofia Lovgren managing to get a strong opening to her upcoming Vegas run, finishing 2nd and cashing out with almost $27,000.
    It was Swiss player “fishermen90” who finished as this week’s top dog after taking home a whopping $38,640!
    Sunday Crocodile

    Sweden came out on top, once again!
    After repetitive strong finishes by Swede players in 888poker’s Crocodile, we saw “KURDEdersim” continue this blue and yellow heater finishing up top.

    It was just one month ago when we saw him making the top 3 at the same tourney, WP!
    Sunday Lightning 6-Max

    174 players, who made 91 rebuys, entered the rapid 6-max tournament.
    At 6th place we saw Russia’s online poker pro “MAMOHT_T”.

    When the dust settled, it was Croatia’s “Karabaja7” who managed to stand strong and capture 1st place alongside a worthy $6,360.
    Sunday Challenge 1R

    After close to 11 hours of play we saw “Benettinho” manage to overcome this Sunday’s Challenge.
    He went up against 544 players, who made a total of 755 entries (each worth $90) to take home 1st place and $12,000!
    Turbo & Mini Mega Deep

    In one of 888poker’s closing tourneys for Sunday, The Turbo Mega-deep,
    we saw Austria’s “Oduvanchik15” taking the fast-paced poker tourney for a solid $9,589!

    The Mini Mega-Deep ended the Sunday strong for our Brazilians with four (!) Brazilian players making it to our top 10!

    At the end we saw 2 of those Brazilians- “raphaelvgc” and “vonBaranow” make it to the top 2 and closing on a deal to split the wealth, each cashing in for over $5,500!

    The duo managed to sweep this amazing amount for a mere $22 investment.
    What to watch out for this week:
    This past week alone we granted 300 players 2,000 Golden Tokens EACH in our BIG Golden Pyramid promotion!

    You can expect much more action in the coming week.
    Click here to read more.
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  28. Hello,

    Tournaments starting with a $25,000 buy-in are increasing in popularity - and with them a new hierarchy of stars, the likes of which we haven't seen since the heady days of televised high stakes cash games.

    Lee Davy and 888poker collected data from a decade of high-rollers, running from January 2017 to December 2016.

    There have been 238 tournaments globally with buy-ins of $25,000 or higher between the data points described, averaging 24 events per year.
    But the increase in events has risen dramatically in the past two years, with an average of 62 events per year, an 88% increase since Jan 2007.

    For the full article click here.
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  29. Hello,

    On Friday night, the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada was rocking as 888poker Ambassador Chris Moorman, the most decorated tournament player in online poker history, won his first WSOP Gold Bracelet.

    The win brought Moorman’s lifetime live earnings up to more than $5.1 million, although that doesn’t take into account over $14M he’s won playing online.

    After years of success at the WSOP, all of us here at 888poker were thrilled to see Chris grasp that coveted Gold Bracelet at last.
    Well done sir!

    For more information click here.
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