1. As some of you may know, Chris Ferguson challenged himself to win money from free rolls, starting from zero. He was able to build his income to $36,000 just from starting on winning small change on the Free rolls. I was wondering what sites pay cash for doing well in the free roll tournaments?
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  2. Almost every site has freerolls running. They're crapshoots but they're there.

    also, don't make decisions based off of Chris Ferguson. He's a jackass.
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  3. I would just play em all, doubt there is that much diff in terms of prizes from sites but perhaps some free roll guru will chime in and say otherwise.
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  4. The cake freeroles are easy if you play smart. Only problem is the winners get a ticket to a private freerole where you can win money. The private tournaments are Saturday morning. I have 3 tickets but work every Saturday >:(
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  5. Why would you call Chris Ferguson a jack ass? just curious. Some free roll guru huh? I am sure that he is out there some where grinding away. Living it up some how on some type of glorious free prizes structure.

    The cake free rolls are fun to play, so you have 3 tickets huh? Sounds cool, I wish I had one right about now. The free rolls that I was in left me sort of bitter. Hey so what name do you play under, maybe we have played together, I am TheRiverCost, and I play on cake poker. I have won 5 free rolls into their Saturday $1,000 prize pool, the closest I have been to winning one of those, 62nd place.

    Here is my latest gripe, with the free rolls, sort of bitter sweet standing. I play the 9:20 pm free roll on cake poker Thursday night I wind up getting 3rd out of 807, sweet I won a seat, I thought it was to the $1,000 prize pool on Saturday's but it wasn't. It was a seat to their $3.30 R&A weekly Super Saturday which has 10 seats guaranteed and they mention something about $5,000. So I am under the assumption that these 10 seats that they are guaranteeing are a buy into a tournament with some $5,000 prize pool. I am kind of disappointed, but I probably won't win any way. So this Saturday at 11:00 am I play in this tournament 10 seats guaranteed, I end up reaching the final 10 and winning a seat. Wow I am jazzed, It says the seat is valued at $33. I am thinking fat prize pool. What I won is a seat into 2012 EPO weekly final buy in $33, currently 46 players registered. Prize pool, This tournament awards one 5,000 EPO 2012 prize package for every $5,000 in the prize pool. Prize package winners must play in London. What? are you serious? I won two free rolls for basically nothing. A $33 dollar seat that I can't sell, it's worthless, and all I really won is a chance to play for a prize package that I am not going to be able to go to any way, because it's in London. Nice, that's what I get for thinking I was going to win some money.
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  6. Ya cake seems to just run you in circles... Raab16
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