1. For the last few weeks any deposit I make using bitcoin from Coinbase to ACR has taken at least 40 minutes and up to 1.5 hours, is anyone else experiencing this?

    When I use the same steps for Bovada it works quickly. Does the amount have anything to do with it?

    Let me know if anyone else is seeing anything similar.
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  2. Now over 2 hours for a deposit to land in my account. Considering they removed the card option for me 5 years ago, won’t say why, and won’t let it be allowed back this is crazy. Even with years of consistent playing.
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  3. You dont want to be depositing directly from Coinbase. Coinbase -> Blockchain -> ACR
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  4. I know Coinbase can technically cancel or return the money if they see it's a gaming site, but I have literally always sent it from Coinbase to ACR. The last few weeks it has been taking about 40 minutes, and then today it took almost 2.5 hours.

    Earlier this year it was taking the standard 10-30 minutes. I think recently it has been taking longer due to the price and market cap of Bitcoin continuously going down, making people do many more transactions causing some congestion.

    The thing I am confused by is how a second transaction I sent, which went to Bovada, took only about 10-15 minutes, and sending to Bovada always takes about 10-15 minutes, not sure why it consistently takes longer on ACR, just seems a bit odd.
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  5. what do you expect on a site full of bots cheating players =/
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  6. Many players consistently win still in tournaments on this site despite the fact there is or likely is bots used (err in cash)

    So many people use the phrase “Cheating and bots” as a reason they lose lol. Not saying you are either just in general.
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  7. I've been depositing to the true skin recently using the BTC method and has cleared in less than 10 mins... I use Bitmart and Gemini (not sure if that makes a difference). I had no idea Coinbase was giving players issues due to sending to a gaming site... I feel like that defeats the entire purpose of crypto... Glad I never really dealt with them. Question for anyone.... Have you used BTC method to withdrawal in the past 90 days, if so how long did it take to clear into your wallet?
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  8. The only method I use to withdraw is through Bitcoin. It usually takes anywhere from 12 hours to 48 hours to get it approved from the ACR cardamom, then it is pending in my wallet soon after.
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  9. not ACR, but Bovada has been taking a lil longer for withdrawing funds through bitcoin. It used to be within 2hrs of getting funds(which was amazing) but it took over a day for my last withdraw
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  10. I was banned from coinbase a couple of years ago because they tracked my transactions even though I went coinbase-->blockchain-->ACR. I also used same method for nitrogen sports - I'm guessing they had red flags on their site.

    CB banned me and gave no reason why and had no appeal process. I couldn't even log in and check balances. I know use gemini - smooth and easy but fees can add up.
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  11. Why would anyone deposit straight to a Pokersite from Coinbase... You are just begging for Coinbase to close your account... use an intermediary wallet... like blockchain.info or basically any other exchange lol
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