"Chop feature not availible right now, you have to play it out" on pokerstars
  1. So, after disconnecting a buncha players and canceling tourneys on several days, after giving us these shitty boxes and pretty much removing rakeback completely, today the following happened:

    my opponent and me got into heads up and wanted to chop the hot11. after waiting for like 10 minutes a message popped up in the client saying the chop feature is not availibe right now and we HAVE TO play it out. this happened to another player i know in the bounty builder 16.50 at the same time as well. it literally said we have to play it out. not like "send us an email" or something. this is a huge joke imo. id rly like to know how this can happen. is there really not a single mod out there who can just setup an even chop which is done in like 2 minutes? its ridicolous. and btw i got disconnected during this ft for like 3 hands until i restarted the client. and the disconnect was pretty stupid as well, since i saw the others play and i simply didnt get any hands dealt and there was the disconnected writing on me. wasnt on my side. kinda tilted by all this stuff. its a joke for sure, but its not funny. really.

    i dont know if this ever happened before and sorry if this is a repost. i just find nothing about it on google (thx to pokerstars' "the deal") so i thought i share it here.
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  2. Grats on the win, happy to see you're back.

    Stars keep the same path, another shame to blame, whats scary is that it kinda feel usual from them, like Trump, we get slowly used to it and therefor have to accept it i guess.

    GLGL in the futur :-)
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  3. thx man. yea i was a fan kind of. the way they are going is just rly disappointing.
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