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    its been over a year since on has taken more than 3 days. that being said its not considered late unless its 10 days so dont bother emailing stars until then.

    +1. Timeframes will vary, but you'll get it within 5 *business days* 99%

    You are only at one business day, since weekends don't count
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  2. Don't panic. A lot depends upon your bank processing cycles. It takes me four days to transfer from one of my banks to another in the same city :) PS withdrawals have been super for quite some time now.
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  3. Just did one got it in 3 days
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  4. I just got mine the day Before I ordered it. If you don't get yours by 8am today commit suicide. Kthxby
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  5. On a sidenote. I heard that it takes a week for your first stars bankwire transfer. Is this true?
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    well my bank picked up on it. I got a email from ps saying that my bank didnt approve a 150$ transaction and I have well over thousands in there so I guess it just depends.

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    I did echeck on sunday night went through ok. How long does it take to reach your bank n get taken out? If ps new peoples banks werent approving dont u think they would of stopped accepting echecks?
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  7. FWIW i cashed out from stars thru echeck on Thursday, recieved monday in my bank and it did not say pstars. same company it always has been
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  8. the new laws are real...and require transparency....things are gonna tighten up not shut down but tighten up
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  9. are E Checks the only ways to deposit on Stars now? Does Bodog offer E Checks? I know the All-Access cards arent an option anymore.......what are ppl using now?
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  10. Is the echecks deposit option working for people on full tilt?? just curious cause my netspend card won't work anymore and i'm thinking about using my checking account to deposit/withdraw on. Is this the best option for US players now?? Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated!
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  11. it's working...def. the best option, go open a new checking somewhere, banks usually have bonuses if you have never been a member there....it's usually a free $100. I know Chase is doing a promo right now with Continental Airlines where you get 25K air miles https://www.chase.com/index.jsp?pg_n...&ID=0000009938
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  12. Worked for me also. Have yet to hear how easily it will be to w/d this way but depositing worked perfectly.
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  13. still waiting on echeck withdrawal from ftp that i made on wednesday...never taken this long before...anyone cashout lately that can ease my mind plz, ty and plz reply
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  14. I made a echeck withdrawal for pstars Saturday 7-17 and it still has not hit my bank. Normally takes 2-3 days tops to hit. Whats going on? Anyone else have delays?
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  15. i made one atleast a week ago and it hasnt hit yet..let me look at my email

    same day the 17th also
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  16. they still take out deposits in 1-2 days but this 7 day+ wait so far to receive a e check payout is BS
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  17. Mine was not even 24 hours but done on the 21st.
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  18. Mine was 7/21 still pending on pokerstars
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  19. i requested a paper check on 7/14 it arrived around 3 days later. I took it to the bank and deposited it. When I woke up on the morning of 7/26 I had an email saying that my cash out was unsuccessful and the amount had been returned to my pokerstars account.
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    Mine was 7/21 still pending on pokerstars

    Mine was approved by pstars on 7/17...Funny how deposits get pulled in 1-2 days during that period and yet they have 10 day delays on paying folks. Bad processor but let us know what the heck is going on pstars!!
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  21. Same here...Cash out e-check on the 17th still no $$$.
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  22. I thought it was odd my cashout from 7/25 has not been approved yet......I have been cashing out every Sunday for weeks and it has been in the bank by Tues. morning each time( except for the 4th holiday).I hope this is just a temporary delay.
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    I thought it was odd my cashout from 7/25 has not been approved yet......I have been cashing out every Sunday for weeks and it has been in the bank by Tues. morning each time( except for the 4th holiday).I hope this is just a temporary delay.

    Yeah all my weekend withdrawals always hit bank by Tuesday Except from 7/17 which has been approved same day but has not hit my bank yet. Odd that deposits made that week cleared in 2 days as usual though.....
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  24. I requested my first echeck cashout 7/23 and it showed up in my bank account this morning, but the status on it says "pending." It looks like I got the full cashout amount though, which is sick.
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  25. anyone get theirs yet from 7/17 e checks???? Not me!!!
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  26. Nope!
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  27. For over a year now Echeck withdrawls have always taken 3 days or less to hit my account.

    I did a withdrawl last week and after 7 days I wrote Stars to make sure everything was in order and they sent me the letter that says it was 100% processed as normal and that it should all be fine, but until 10 full business days have passed I should not worry about it - so basically I have to wait until Aug. 2nd and if it isn't there it will be the first time there has ever been a problem for me...

    I'm assuming it will go through just fine - but annoying that it has never taken over 3 days.

    edit: echeck withdrawl approved on 7/19 - but not in account as of 7/28
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  28. ?
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  29. yes
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  30. yeah but they only allow 1 cash out per week so plan accordingly
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