1. Was finally able to log onto the sight after 4 days locked out. Structures are complete trash, this isn't even poker..gg lock
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  2. So many bugs to work out. Part of me wants to withdraw and redeposit in a couple of months when the kinks are worked out, but I have a feeling their cashouts will be really slow, too, just because of the high volume of support and cashier interactions.

    I'm sticking with Merge for a few weeks, but not willing to give up on Lock yet. They're definitely in an awkward spot, though, needing players to get volume up and make the site worth playing on, but not really able to accommodate those players.
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  3. The Cake Cashier approved my 25.00 Deposit on Friday 05/31/2012
    3 hours later my account was locked due to the fact my deposit wasn't fully verified
    So after waiting 36 hours for a holler back from Cake Support
    Cake Cashier messed up transaction putting the debit checking on my account
    the money was removed from my Cake Account after approval and voided by Cake Cashier
    Needless to say I closed my Cake Account on 06/03/2012
    Update: I go check my account this morning and find that the Cake Poker Cashier has taken my 25.00 out of my account after Network Security tells me that the transaction was voided out.
    What a bunch of crap .
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  4. I think the structures and payouts are okay, as long as you don't play a turbo.. It's not Full tilt, though, that is for sure!

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  5. Anyone know of any hot keys that work on the new lock site?
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  6. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make your tournament tables 9 handed.... ??

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  7. and fix the withered structures
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  8. How do I view them? When does my VIP tier change (monthly or when new tier is reached). I have put some good volume in & recieved an initial deposit bonus but none of it has been unlocked & I can't see where to view my points I have accumulated. Sent support an email last night with these questions & they returned an email this morning about something else I sent 4 days ago lol.....help?
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  9. They wrote me about this issue.. it seems that the FPP and bonuses are not being shown right now.. the button for it is being developed and will be available with the next update of the software.
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  10. Hmm loos like Late Reg is disabled in the PLO8 750 GTD even though the lobby clearly says its available for 1 hour.

    This minute-by-minute game of one-upsmanship to see who can put together the shittiest network is turning into quite the competition.
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  11. Kept on getting errors trying to late reg the $109 $10k 17:00. Man evening sched kinda stinks all around now
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    Originally Posted by actyper View Post

    Kept on getting errors trying to late reg the $109 $10k 17:00. Man evening sched kinda stinks all around now

    IM CONFUSED, Why are u playing on merge, when u live in canada?
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  13. Anyone with a mac having a problem logging in with a msg that says "update file on server temporarily unavailable" ?
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  14. Grats, What is your opinion on Lock? Thinking of getting some $$$$ on there
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  15. With Lock Pokers recent merger/change, I am not able to access their site. They advised me to uninstall then doanload new from their home page. Each time I attempt, the list of files downloading stops in the same spot every time. I even temporarily disabled my firewall but same result. I am starting to think they are just embezzling my money as they have not replied to 4 emails requesting support with the last demanding an explanation. If they are embezzling, how do we get the word out?
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    Originally Posted by gosoxxx View Post

    IM CONFUSED, Why are u playing on merge, when u live in canada?

    +1 Lol There is no way I would be playing anywhere other than stars if I was living outside the US.
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    Originally Posted by pacmanrose21 View Post

    +1 Lol There is no way I would be playing anywhere other than stars if I was living outside the US.

    Ain't that the damned truth.
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  18. Gratzi!!!

    My first day playing on the new setup was Sunday and I won a 5r and 2nd in 3r for over a $1k profit, just sucks that you have to win/top3 something to make a profitable day. Mon, I made 2 FT's placing 5th and 7th I believe and ended up just slightly down for the day. The software is very fcking tilting and I can't get my HUD to work on there. If someone knows anything about setting up PT3 or HEM on there please let me know. The players are terrible which is the only reason I'm thinking about staying on there but the negatives are just huge:

    Payout Structures: 20% of the field in every fcking tourney!!!
    No HUD: For me anyways, maybe I'm just an idiot.
    Field Sizes/GTDs: More traffic and bigger guarantees or I will be forced to move the roll to RPM or some other skin on Merge.
    Admin/Vault Setup: Can't track VIP points/level/profits for the day

    There is more I just can't think about right now because I didn't play today, but feel free to fill them in.
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  19. fix the structures
    fix the payouts (way too many spots payed out)
    switch from 10 to 9 handed

    if these 3 things were done along with the obvious stuff people are complaining about in the thread then they have a legit shot to be very successful. no chance im depositing right now though. everything is basically a turbo and way too many spots are paid out.
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  20. It looks like they've done a little. They could start the tournies at 10-20 instead of 25-50. 25-50 seems high for the 1st level of an online tournament. theres also not a 250-500 level. I didnt look that hard but Im sure theres other levels later in the tournies that can be added. they could even move anties back a blind structure or 2. Any or all of these things would help. Tournies still seem just a little fast.

    And they gotta do something with the payouts. 30 spots paid ina filed of 150 is just way too high. Thats 1 out of every 5 players. 20% of the field is in the money.
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  21. How long does it take for players in the US to get a cashout check from cake now?
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  22. I will re-think my $ transfer request to Lock. Sounds like more of the same...idiots who know nothing making decisons about an online poker site.
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  23. Cashed out a check for $3k over a month ago with Lock. Was emailed by a rep 2 weeks ago saying it would be here at the end of that week or beginning of the next week. Almost 2 weeks later, no check and now they arent responding to emails. Also, did a western union 9 days ago and it is still sitting in "requested" when before the switch I was receiving them in 5 days...

    Anyone else having delayed payouts?
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  24. Just signed on this morning & there was a software update. Checked cashier & still no viewable VIP points. Either this didn't get fixed or I failed to see it. Anybody can tell me what this software update included?
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  25. 15 days since i had any word from lock support

    I've sent them emails daily asking wtf is up

    0 response

    they are woefully incompetent and ought to be embarrassed

    Rizen or any other lock pro interested in offering even a word of explanation?
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  26. Anyone get Hem1 To work yet?
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  27. Anyone know how to get HEM2 to work on Revolution?
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  30. I downloaded the Lock Poker zip successfully a few times and when i attempt to open i get this:

    "the program lockpoker.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to be closed. we are sorry for the inconvenience"

    "this can be caused by a problem in the program of a deficiency in Wine. you may want to check www.codeweavers.com/compatability/ for tips about running this application."

    i contacted codeweaver for some support seeing as lockpoker support hast responded to me in days.

    anyone know what's up and or a better site?? i heard lock poker was great and u can use real money even if you are in the states.
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