ignitioncasino info for usa players
  1. I been playing on ACR for awhile now. just got introduced to ignition and downloaded it. seemed like it get steady volume of players. So I'm here asking if anyone gots the low down on it and who like to share before I deposit and start playing. I'd to know if it's worth it.

    can I deposit with a usa only debit/credit card ? my bank has rasied some questions because acr isn't in the usa.
    withdraws info to please

    thank you to whoever takes the time to answer my questions.
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  2. Never mention poker with a US bank. Use Bitcoin and you should be fine
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  3. ty
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  4. MD is blacklisted. Good luck with that.
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  5. I've been playing on Ignition since Bovada forced all players over to it a while ago. It's not terrible. Software is decent enough and mobile site works fine. Can't say I've tried to deposit or cash out since moving over to it. There are always people at the Zone poker tables tho and tourneys at the Micros have reasonable turnouts. As good as US facing sites get anymore.
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  6. thank you
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  7. I'm moving back over to Bovada. Looks like I have to create a new account, Is that correct for people that have transferred back over?
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  8. Is the site down? Can't get it to open
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  9. I have been playing at Ignition for a while and I like the graphics and the options for weekend tournaments. However something has changed now. I made a credit card deposit of $500 on 8/27/17 for the amount of $500. The only way to deposit with a credit card is to go thru a Chinese company. This was new. They said the total charge would be $529.50 and I approved. I just got my credit card statement and they charged me $551.23. So basically they can charge whatever they want. I called Ignition to complain about this situation and they said this is not in their hands, and that now, on top of that charge, Ignition will charge 5.9% on all credit card deposits. They are trying customers to buy Bitcoins. Be aware that whatever you want to deposit, you will end up adding 10% to the Chinese (or whatever they want) plus 5.9% to Ignition. They are truly taking advantage of American players. I will never deposit again in Ignition and I will close my account.
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