1. We’re proud to introduce the PocketFives Partner of the Week. Each week, one of our Partners will be offering a special promotion only to members of P5s. Our very first site is 32Red Poker, a Microgaming Network room.

    32Red Poker is offering an exclusive PocketFives Freeroll on July 23rd. To qualify for it, deposit a minimum of 10 chips on 32Red Poker ($€£10) and get a free ticket to play in an exclusive freeroll on Saturday, July 23rd at 6:00pm U.K. time. You have until that time to sign up and deposit.

    Prizes include qualifying tickets to 32Red's €100,000 Guarantee plus a ticket to the final:

    1st Place: Ticket to €100,000 Guarantee Final (€100+10)
    2nd/3rd Places: Qualifying ticket to €100,000 Guarantee (€11+1)

    When you deposit on 32Red Poker, you’ll also get:

    2 free tickets to the daily €20,000 Jackpot Tournaments (exclusive to P5s)
    3 free tickets to the weekly €500 New Player Freerolls (no deposit required)
    3 free entries to the weekly €500 Added New Player Turbos.
    1 free ticket to the monthly €1,000 Depositor Freeroll
    Up to a $1,000 Welcome Bonus
    Up to 50% weekly rakeback

    Sign up for 32Red Poker before July 23rd at 6:00pm U.K. time to qualify for the freeroll.
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  2. U.S. friendly?
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  3. 32Red Poker does not accept players from the U.S. Players from other parts of the world are welcome with open arms, however!
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  4. Thanks Dan,

    I'd just like to add that there are currently 0 entrants on this Freeroll, so it can't get any easier to win!

    The game will need at least 3 players to run, let's hope at least 3 players turn up so that we may have a game :)
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    Originally Posted by [URL='http://www.pocketfives.com/visit/32red-poker'

    32Red[/URL] Nick;6410681]Thanks Dan,

    I'd just like to add that there are currently 0 entrants on this Freeroll, so it can't get any easier to win!

    The game will need at least 3 players to run, let's hope at least 3 players turn up so that we may have a game :)

    How can you win a tourney that doesn't run :)
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  6. Hi unta,

    Obviously there would need to be 3 entrants for it to be an easy game to win :)

    On the ball though ;)
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  7. There are only three people signed up for this freeroll so far, so as it stands, everyone is a winner. Sign up and deposit by July 23rd at 6pm UK time to qualify.
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  8. whats the min you can deposit?
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  9. You'll need to deposit $€£10 in order to take advantage of this really solid and generous offer by 32Red.
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  10. I actually signed up to the 32Red poker site paid my 10eu and I am waiting for my entry ticket to the tournament - there are 0 players signed up as of right now for the special pocket 5's tournament held at 6pm and I spoke with 32Red poker tech support and a supervisor who referred me back to pocket 5's for help - I emailed and messaged Dan over 3 hours ago with details - no answer yet... - This is my first time entering a tournament where i need a special invitation and ticket to join the tourny. Patiently waiting for the invite from pocket 5's admins
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  11. Hey Malco, just talked to Dan on the phone. We have no way of getting you the ticket, but someone from 32Red can. He says to email Nick from 32Red, their rep posting in this thread. I sent you his email address in a Private Message.
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  12. Sorry again to hear you're having problems. I also e-mailed Nick from 32Red for you and asked him to get in touch with you. I'll follow up with you and him in a few hours.
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  13. Yea I figured that they would have to issue me the ticket on their poker site... I went ahead and emailed nick(at the correct email addr) - thx

    Was on chat with their cust support earlier for a while trying to figure it out - i would point them to their website where it states i automatically get a bunch of stuff including a ticket to this tourny as a new subscriber and depositor to their poker site - but even after speaking to a supervisor they said i must get the invite from P5 staff in an email...

    I'll keep u posted on progress...
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  14. I'm having the same problem as Maico.I've pm'd and emailed 32Red Nick but with only half an hour before the freeroll is due to start it doesn't look like the minimum 3 entries is likely to happen.
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  15. Well that seems to be the end of this long 12 hour ordeal read the following transcript for the demise of this tournament

    You are now chatting with Paul-C
    Paul-C: Hi, Welcome to the casino, how can I help?
    Me: Hi Paul - would you happen to know if Nick is around?
    is supposed to be getting me a tcket to enter the p5 tournament at 6pm
    Me: my account is 0__maico__0
    Paul-C: one minute please
    Me: ok
    Paul-C: sorry about the delay,trying to sort your requesy out now
    Me: did u find nicholas?
    Paul-C: im afraid nick isnt around, is it a pocket 5's tournament?
    Me: yes
    Me: the staff at P5 said only nicholas is issuing the tickets
    Paul-C: unfortunatly nicks not available at this moment, we will do our best to get you re entered at another stage
    Me: i dont see the tournament listed anymore - do u see it?
    Paul-C: it'll be removed once it has started
    Me: it is supposed to have late registration until 6y:30 - can u find it on your system?
    Paul-C: ill have a look for you
    Me: thanks
    Paul-C: im afraid i cant see it
    Me: so does that mean it has been cancelled?
    Paul-C: unfortunatly its difficult with it being a 3rd party tournament, it could be that it was either cancelled or started and removed
    Me: ok well if u find Nicholas please have him contact the staff at P5 about ths - thanks for your help
    Paul-C: no problem, have a nice evening
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  16. Hey guys, sorry for the poor service here. We'll make sure to have the proper people available for future freerolls. We'll definitely get this one rescheduled.
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  17. Hey, guys. There were a few of you who had issues registering for today's freeroll on 32Red Poker exclusively for P5ers. We apologize for any inconvenience, but it appears there was a problem with registration. We're working with 32Red to reschedule this freeroll and we'll make sure that everyone who qualified has a chance to participate.

    UPDATE 7/24: Our contact at 32Red is currently on vacation for a week, but will reschedule the freeroll as soon as he returns to the office, which appears to be on August 1st.

    Please let me know if you have any questions by e-mailing me at support@pocketfives.com.

    - Dan Cypra

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  18. Hi All,

    Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused (I was on my yearly vacation, terrible timing!), we have setup the same game for this Sunday 7th August at 7pm (UK time) and the 4 players who qualified for the last tourney are already signed up.

    Anyone else wishing to take part in this Freeroll must simply deposit a minimum of $10 on 32Red Poker before the tournament kicks off.

    Again, sorry and good luck!

    Poker Manager
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  19. Nick - sent you a PM, I signed up to 32 Red last week, but don't see if I have the ticket or when the freeroll is. I got creative and made WackyJaxon my user name there.

    Edit: Thanks for the quick response Nick. I see that I am one of the 4 registered :)
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  20. Hey wacky,

    I just replied to your PM and also sent you an email about 30 mins ago with details on the next Freeroll (and a pretty screenshot).

    Shout if you need anything else!

    32Red Poker
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  21. Thanks Nick :)

    I didn't see the email because it went in my spam folder. :)
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  22. Glad that's now sorted wacky, good luck on Sunday :)
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