1. Can't believe there's no thread on this already. This is really scary stuff guys! Yet Another reason for regulation in the US. From subjectpoker.com:

    A large amount of personal data about UB players has been leaked. The data, which was posted publicly on the internet, appears to contain information about every player with an account at Ultimate Bet. Subject: Poker estimates that roughly 3.5 million accounts are affected. Accounts on UB’s sister site, Absolute Poker, are not included.

    The leaked data includes the following:

    Full name
    Screen name
    E-mail address
    Phone number
    Mailing address
    Account balance
    IP address
    Deposit methods used (e.g. “echeck”)
    Birth date
    Account number (unique identifier for UB accounts, not bank accounts numbers)
    VIP status
    Affiliate status
    Blacklist status

    A link to the data was posted on the Two Plus Two Poker Forums by an anonymous poster who removed the link eight minutes later. This is the only such public posting that we know of, but in that brief time period, enough people saw the link that it is currently being passed around privately.

    Entire article:

    Now if you're dumb enough to somehow use the same password for a lot of poker sites or websites, change all of them now. Please let all of your non-forum UB account holding buddies know about the leak. Hopefully this leaked info gets taken down/stays underground. I wonder what type of privacy policy they had. I myself think that this was leaked by a current or previous employee. Lawsuits coming?
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  2. OMFG!
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  3. nothing surprises me anymore - what about passwords.....
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  4. wow this is so not cool,thnx for the post
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    Originally Posted by norv View Post

    nothing surprises me anymore - what about passwords.....

    Don't seem completely compromised. From the footnotes in the article
    Most of the values in the “Passwords” column are six-digit numbers or numbers with the letter O mixed in, e.g. “1o23o4″. A small fraction of the values do look more like typical passwords. Subject: Poker is not sure what these are. Perhaps they are automatically generated passwords, or the column could be mislabeled. It is adjacent to a column labeled “UserName” that is similarly cryptic, including strings with characters that are not legal in UB user names. ↩
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  6. wtf why!?!? so fkd
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  7. Ub gonna Ub
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  8. a few more details in this article
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    Originally Posted by supra1988t View Post

    Ub gonna Ub

    I hope they die a brutal death.
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    Originally Posted by haonhack View Post

    Can't believe there's no thread on this already. This is really scary stuff guys! Yet Another reason for regulation in the US.

    And you think US Regulation somehow stops data from being sold? You know how many "legitimate" big companies in the US sell your information to marketing companies?

    If Bellamy only knew that dumb book he wrote over 100 years ago would advance progressive thought to the point that everyone thinks government regulation is actually for their benefit, and a necessary ingredient to commerce, he would be a happy man.

    Good Lord, doesn't anyone read Bastiat anymore?
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  11. i was called a bastiat on the tables the other day, the guy was french, so i just thought he was having a go at me for having no dad

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