looking for a good site
  1. I was looking to move to a different site from pokerstars, as i am just starting out and think i could build a bankroll better else where as pokerstars seems full of pro grinders at the micros.

    i play cash game 6 max micro 2nl on pokerstars, iam currently trying study more than play so i can improve my game an move up stakes. also live in uk.

    was looking for a site with a bit softer competition, good bonus or good rake back and also wondered what people thought on the deals you get on poker tracker where you join site and earn poker tracker as a bonus?

    cheers ajnin
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  2. have you tried 888poker or betonline yet?
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  3. Try one of the iPoker network sites or microgaming sites. Choose one of the skins from a bookmaker such as William Hill as more gambler type players having a punt at poker.
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  4. I didn't. but 888poker seems like popular
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  5. All I can say is pokerstars is the best site about , no matter what stage your at. New player , intermediate player or a seasoned player. Sure you get your grinders , but you also get just as many inexperienced players like you and sort of like me . I tried ipoker And microgaming , let me tell you there are grinders on them sites too and the tournament's are pretty poor too . Prizes money and payouts are shocking. Any way enough of that. You mentioned how you are studying contentt. Well i tried the same and gave us , reason why is. You might read for example 10 different players way to play for new players , and most of the advice are all different ways to play . So you try to use parts of each player to use in your game but it doesn't work. Then you try more stuff doesn't work. Reason is each player started off exactly like you and me and each player has there own mindset . Now am not saying these players aren't right in any way. Use the basic concept of the game but don't try and play there way.not every player is a winner straight away.if they say they are then they lie. Hang on in there. Use a basic concept , hand range, and never be afraid to fold and some trial and error and you will get there . Over time you will notice alot more novices out there just like you .
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  6. Sorry gave up
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