1. right to the point. is it better to have rackback or is the v.i.p program better. from the numbers i ran i think rakeback is much better. if u have rakeback ur v.i.p points come much slower right?
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  2. I def think rakeback on merge is the way to go. You accumulate points at like 1/3 of the normal rate (not sure of exact rate, but similar). Not too many things to use the vip points for, that I'm aware of at least, other than using them for tourny buy ins. No milestone cash rewards or anything like that. I will say that the Lock vip store has some decent stuff, and they are actually very fast in shipping it to you. Of course, I could be totally wrong here, as I am stupid.

    I did just noticed there is a points for cash option in the vault, so might be worth looking into.
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