1. Hi folks!

    I'm RPM Seth, the Poker Room Manager at RPM Poker. We're happy to be on PocketFives to offer our VIP Support services to each and every one of our players.

    Helping me to provide VIP support on these forums is our Support Manager and VIP Host, RPM Jon.

    Below I've outlined the best ways to receive the fastest support on RPM Poker. We pride ourselves on our communication with our players, and we know how important support can be as we are players ourselves.

    You can visit the RPM Poker Home Page by clicking here, and view a full listing of our many (innovative) promotions by clicking here.

    If you have not yet signed up with RPM Poker and are interested in knowing more about us, you can also use these support options to request more information about our offers.

    How to Receive Enhanced Support on RPM Poker (Merge Network)

    1) Post in this thread!

    2) PM Me with your questions. I will always personally respond to every message in my inbox in the order that I receive them. My response time depends on the volume of messages in any given day, but it's generally very quick. If you have a time sensitive issue...

    3) Chat with RPM Poker Live chat. RPM Poker is the only room on the Merge Network that offers room specific Live Chat Support. You can chat in directly with RPM specific representatives by visiting the RPM Poker home page. This live chat is available from 12PM PST to 9PM PST, 7 days per week with RPM Jon and RPM James.

    4) Contact your VIP Host. All deposited users on RPM Poker are eligible to receive a VIP Host that they can contact via Skype if they have an issue in order to receive help in real time. If you do not have a VIP Host and you would like to receive one, please send me a private message with the title "VIP Host Request" and include your username. A VIP Host will be assigned to you based on your level of play!

    5) E-mail us directly. If you have an issue that requires you to send an e-mail, please email Manager at RPMPOKER dot com directly, rather than e-mailing Support @ RPMPOKER dot com.

    The only things that we are not able to help you with more quickly are matters of account security, and some payment processing issues. If you're unsure about whether or not your inquiry falls into these categories, contact us anyway. We can help you formulate your questions so that the Merge Network can more efficiently help you when they process your request, as these matters must be passed to the Network to be solved. For these issues, we appreciate your patience as the Merge Network processes these inquiries in the order they were received.

    Welcome to RPM Poker, and we look forward to seeing you at our tables. We're always here to help, and we sincerely do appreciate you choosing to play poker with us.

    RPM Seth
    Poker Manager
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  2. Thanks for checking in, Seth. Guys, shoot any comments or questions you have for RPM here!
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