1. I have been taking a little break from poker but am now thinking of getting back on the grind. I have played most of my volume on BCP/ACR over the past couple of years with 0 issues besides the occasional site crash. I am very concerned after reading some of the threads and comments on here, particularly concerning severely reduced cashout limits and a huge reduction in the MTT schedule. I just wanted to get some opinions on the state of the site and whether you guys think that this site is still worth playing on, or if I need to switch back to bovada?
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  2. There is no MTT schedule atm ... but the cashouts still seem to be fine. I have heard multiple people that have received bitcoin within hours of cashing out.

    If you are planning to play MTTs then you will need to find a different site
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  3. wow that is nuts, last time I played they had one of the sickest MTT schedules anywhere...
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    Originally Posted by pokerscrub1 View Post

    wow that is nuts, last time I played they had one of the sickest MTT schedules anywhere...

    Ya they have had major issues for like 3 weeks in a row now and the MTT schedule has been gone for a bout a week. The site is ran by a incompetent people so no real surprise ... Their reps on other forums and here claim the new revamped sched will be back "soon".
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  5. Beware - ACR Software has Trojans hidden in it designed to cryptojack
    Dodgiest internet business I have seen in Poker.
    Criminals is the word I would use.
    They cryptojack your laptop.
    I pray and hope that hackers really $%^& you over ACR I really, really do.
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  6. Its a good place to play IMHO. If only the ddos attacks stop. they have a lot of bots there but at least they pay. Earned a bit of funds from there, except right now their MTT sucks and the cash games keeps crashing for some reason... Honestly, I enjoyed playing in ACR before so im just waiting for them to really get back in business again.
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  7. their MTT"s have been great since they started theier new schedule, what about them sucks? Not going to get much better than multiple 20-50k tourneys each night anywhere online the US.
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