Pokerstars Australian Servers prior to September 11
  1. If there is anyone out there that is sharing the constant disconnects - starting from 28/08 - on Pokerstars, please share your experience.

    I have contacted Pokerstars Support about the issue, but as a natural reaction they switch the blame to my ISP. I contact Optus (my ISP) and there has been no out of the ordinary latency issues, certainly nothing to correlate with my play times on Pokerstars. I have tested my connection as well via downloading large programs between sessions and have averaged 2.4MB/s over 8 hours, which far exceeds the requirements for Pokerstars to run effectively. I personally feel like its a sleight against Australian players if Pokerstars are in fact pre-emptively shutting down the Australian servers, which in turn is essentially online theft for those trying to play through these conditions.

    It would be great to see if anyone can collaborate with my experience.
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  2. It is definately OPTUS , it has been doing the same with me...and I play with friends who are on vodaphone in the same city and they havent had one problem whatsoever.
    When I emailed pokerstars they said they were aware of the situation and that it was only affecting optus players.
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  3. Its optus.

    I tried Optus and got regularly disconnected for a minute or so at a time and then reconnected. On Telstra I have been disconnected maybe once in 3 years.
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