1. Are there any sites that track Pokerstars cash table stats?

    Can't seem to find any.
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  2. do you want your own stats? If so holdem manager would be your best bet. If you want to look up other peoples stats im sure there are sites somewhere but stars may have blocked them from tracking recently
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  3. pokertablerating.com used to track cash playing in Holdem and PLO
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  4. I'm already using Poker CoPilot for my tracking but I was hoping to look up opponents past stats.
    Can't seem to find myself on PTR. Maybe they don't track 0.25/0.50NL?
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  5. Pokerstars cracked down on data mining sites.

    No site is allowed to track any player unless they express the wish to be tracked.

    Pretty sure you have to send a nominal amount to the user account "tracking sites" on Pokerstars and then Stars will activate the feed to OPR, PTR, SS and any others they might allow.

    http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/room/prohibited/ explains a bit about it
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  6. Ah ok ic. Thanks very much
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