1. I haven't been abe to log on for several hours. I'm in Sydney, Australia
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  2. No, works just fine for me
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    Originally Posted by Arnisss View Post

    No, works just fine for me

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  4. Im in Sydney too and it's been down for me frm approx 6.30am ... I was in middle of 4x SnG's too

    I cant even get pokerstars.com to load ... I hope this isn't Aussie black friday!
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  5. It could be an internet routing issue. GLGL getting back in, and all those that were playing in something when this happened, hopefully you get compensated.
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  6. Everything is ok here! Did the power go off by any chance. This happend to me before and I just needed to reset my computer's clock and I was able to log in.

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  7. no power issue

    network statusn report indicates bad connections (0%) to PS host sites

    I can access everything else on web
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  8. Also in Sydney and also can't get in. Has anyone emailed support?
    My network status shows all good connections except for the first Host "Pokerstars Website, Isle of Man"
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  9. looks like its an optusnet issue, thread on 2+2 confirmed several others can't access (all optusnet) BUT bigpond users have no issues

    Ive emailed support, no reply yet (hoping for a mercy refund on games disconnected from)
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  10. Emailed support, upon which they asked me to send some log files to them. Also I will note that I can't open the pokerstars.com website.
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  11. Reply from PS support ....

    Thank you for your email and for allowing us to be of assistance.

    We have received a number of reports from our Australian based players regarding disconnection issues. We have been able to verify that the problem is caused by a local Australian ISP.

    If you were playing in a tournament and feel you were negatively affected by the ISP problems, please send us an email with the following subject line:

    REFUND: Tournament #, buy-in, User ID

    For instance, if your User ID is 'PokerMagic' and you played in tournament #300030551, which was a $50+5 buy-in, the subject line should look like this:

    REFUND: Tournament #300030551, $50+5, PokerMagic

    If you are not sure of the tournament number then you can locate it via the the pokerstars software:

    'Requests -> Tournament History...'

    Once again we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused and thank you for your patience as we resolve matters.

    If you are unable to connect, please restart your computer then try PokerStars again.

    In any case, please write to us again if you have any other queries.


    PokerStars Support Team
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  12. pokerstars fixes the problem even when it isn't their fault.

    btw, it's down here in the US...

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  13. Has Optus blocked access to pokerstars? I was able to briefly log in and see the website, but now it's down again. They say the issue is with Optus but otherwise, the internet is working fine.

    Nope, up again. Weirdness.
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  14. I'm in Sydney too and it's down for me. I run dodo
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  15. 5 months late but ok
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  16. To be fair Stars is down atm for me too. Read something on Twitter about standard maintenance which should last an hour or so. Although they did say that their tournament list would be reduced not that the site would be down!
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  17. anyone else having trouble logging into stars this morning
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  18. Down for me as well, was it turbo night last night?
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  19. Stars down for me in the UK. Stars.Fr is also down.

    Can't log into either. Anyone know when it'll be back up?
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  20. down for me in germany as well
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  21. down for me in amsterdam
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  22. down for me in romaniia aswel I thikn theres a problem in Sidney, Australia cause I cant connect to that server ...
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  23. scheduled maintenance!! was turbo night
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  24. Now you can all be as bored as i am at work. :P
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    Originally Posted by BenFaz View Post

    Now you can all be as bored as i am at work. :P

    You have a job?
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  26. Unfortunately.. usual 9-5 shit mate
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  27. back!
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    Originally Posted by BenFaz View Post

    Unfortunately.. usual 9-5 shit mate

    Thought you were pro...

    back in the New York groove.
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  29. I am pro at coming to work with 3 hours sleep after grinding all night :D
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