1. Yeh my only issue is i read loads of issues with the wifi signal being poor dropping out all the time, i borrowed my brothers ipod touch and the signal was like terrible on the router so im worried abt buying a ipad most likely get it of ebay as dont wanna spend a chunk of £500 on a new one lol
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    Originally Posted by wackyJaxon View Post

    Wifi is more reliable than 3G, doesn't take up any of your dataplan, and you won't have to charge your battery as often. 3G, however, would allow you to play poker while on a road trip somewhere, when you aren't staying in 1 place, etc.

    how sick would it be to ship a huge tourney on your phone while on a road trip....USAwannaPLAY
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    Originally Posted by KyleFly View Post

    how sick would it be to ship a huge tourney on your phone while on a road trip....USAwannaPLAY

    I have played cashed games on my laptop before on a road trip with the wife driving with mobile broadband. Tourneys would be tough unless its a big road trip.
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  4. had some chest pains i was worried about today so i had to abandon my session to go to the doctors.

    i only had 4 tables left cuz i had already made the decision to cut it short. It was kinda cool 4 tabling mtts in the waiting room of the doctors tho lol. its easy to switch between tables and i ddnt get caught up at all. only thing is typing in your betsizes, i had to min raise and bet standard increments.

    Also i was playing HU sngs during half time at the cheltenham vs torquay game last night. YELLLLOOOOWWWWSSSS!!!!!

    This is on an iphone by the way, not a tablet.
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  5. Tried three times today to download it on my Android, but keep getting "file could not be opened" error messages. Have emailed stars support. Any tips/suggestions/levels welcome.

    EDIT: Problem solved by altering file from .zip to .apk
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  6. Quick question, anyone know if the APP works on the motarola Xoom android tablet not sure what OS version it runs but its flash enabled which the Ipad aint anyone got a list of tablets it supports
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  7. I downloaded this for my Android phone (HTC Desire) yesterday and it worked fine. I had to go to the pokerstars mobile website on my phone and download from there. I got a similar message at the time as it is not a supported file but you have to turn off the security settings on your phone to get the app to work.
    Hope this helps.

    On a seperate note, i love this app. Love it. No more boring road trips with the enemy for me :)
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  8. Played a 4 hour session last night on they iPad. Worked great.Only trouble was could'nt work out how to add on during the break so had to log off quickly jump on the lap top and then back on.
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    Originally Posted by J10BLN View Post

    This won't transform online poker, but it will have a huge impact on live poker, not sure if good or bad, more runners but more people will have their heads down on ipads and iphones... will this chase away those donks who like to show you what terrible hands they are getting dealt or tell you bad beat stories?

    This new mobile app has got me thinking about grinding live poker again, since I can definitely see myself playing a few stars tournies to speed things up whilst playing the 20-hands-per-hour donkish live table. I agree though that it definitely could chase donks away, if a large number of players start doing this! However at my local casino the donks are far too much in the majority to worry about this right now.
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  10. Please worldwide immed!
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  11. Winamax.fr had it since beginning of last year. For people who don't know, Winamax is now the number one poker site in France (The most fish i ever seen in my life yet i can't win shit on that site)

    PS: yes you can play on winamax.fr if you have a european bank account and adress.
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  12. Simple really how is it playing is it easy to use whats it better on a IPAD or a Samsung Galaxy?
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  13. It's much better thn 888
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  14. sick!!
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  15. Weeeeee, looks fantastic!
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  16. link?
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  17. is it not available in canada?
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  18. i think its just parts of europe for now, and they plan to release in canada and AUS later, next year most likely. But it is exciting. here come some S&G's at work. booooom
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  19. cmon new zealand, as soon as we get wifi here i'm sure it will follow :-)
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  20. Ugh I hate America
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  21. And Pokerstars continues to get sicker!
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  22. screenshots for those curious?
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    Originally Posted by futureboy View Post

    screenshots for those curious?

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  24. Last week Pokerstars just released their mobile to pokestars.eu, .fr and a couple other places in Europe.

    My question is nearly 4 months after it got released originally in England, it is still not released in Canada

    Anyone know why?
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  25. Ok so tried to download the App today to my tablet running Ice cream sandwhich, thing is it keeps asking for a mobile number to send a DL link to which obv a tablet wouldnt have, I tried looking on the main site for a QR to scan cant seem to find one and noticed its not in the store either, im prob missing something basic but could someone talk me through it.

    Any chance we could leave this up as the Pokerstars app thread doesnt get that many looks

    i go to the mobile page click on the avaiable at pokerstars andriod app and says starting download but not able to see progress or where its is installed cant find it so not sure it downloaded.

    if anyone can point me in the right direction or have installed it on a andriod device id be grateful
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  26. Might be a little late to the party, but I just downloaded pokerstars on my ipad. Tried last week but wasnt available in Australia. Is today!

    Anybody else in Australia taken it for a run? Thoughts?
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  27. gonna get on the download now!
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  28. just been on for 5 min... you can multi table! This is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!
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  29. I downloaded it yesterday.

    Works real good.
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  30. i wonder if we changed our native location on our ipad to Australia then can we download it...
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