1. I am waiting on my second cashout of the max $3000, I requested on 10/5 and still no word yet. The first time I requested $3000 and finally got a check after about 3 months so hoping this one comes in soon.
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  2. I requested check on 9/28, followed up on 12/28, and they said I would get it 'shortly'. Received e-mail notice on 1/9 and Fedex delivery of check on 1/11. Good luck.
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  3. Check deposited 2 days ago, waiting on it to clear
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  4. Received email today that stated cashout has been processed, i originally cashed out on around 10/5.
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  5. Ahhhh i cashed out on 10/10 or so, so im really hoping im in this weeks 'batch' of cashouts! Thanks for the updates, and keep them coming folks...

    Sounds like they are literally 3 1/2 - 4 months in cashout processing times for USA based players. I hate to sell out, but i highly recommend Lock poker for USA players. They are processing checks in a matter of a week through their new cashier system.
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  6. ive heard all kinds of mixed info on people not getting paid-out in the usa fromm cake poker etc so would really like some clarity since yo cash out some of my winnings..is there a quick easy way with no issues someone can recommend ? thanx all
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  7. Western Union is a pretty legit option on Lockpoker but Idk if thats an option for cake...
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  8. Update to my cashout. I got an email on 2/12/12 and received my check on 2/15/12. So to recap:

    Cashout request: 10/10/11
    Cashout Processed: 2/12/12
    Check Received: 2/15/12
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    Originally Posted by Cabo View Post

    I cashed out on Merge the same day (5/19) and got my check last Tuesday.

    Did your check clear? I received a check last week as well and it was fast. The check did not clear though and now have been waiting on Western Union for a few days......
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  10. I am new to pocketFives and I have enjoyed playing poker on various sites. I have played Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, Poker stars and I have never cashed online. Needless to say, I was upset when I found out that the major poker sites Full Tilt and Poker Stars had been shut down. I had never cashed but I enjoyed playing on Poker Stars and I was not happy that I could not play on their site for moey any more. It was about six months later until I decided to search for an online site that allowed players to play for money and I decided to play on Cake Poker. I realized that I liked the site and it was easy to deposit money onto the site, minimum $25 and I wound up depositing $230 onto the site (You get a %110 first time deposit bonus by the way). I was actually down to my last $20 and I won a pot to bring me back to $40 and I played for about an hour or 2 at about $90. An hour later I was at $140 and decided to keep playing. An hour later I was at $275 and I decided that it would be a good idea to cash out. When I tried to cash out and they said that the minimum cash out was $500. I was upset and I tried to get my money and they said I could get my money but that I had to agree to empty my whole account. I said that I wanted the money, a week went by and I did not get any money. I wound up playing some more and I got my money up to $500. On Nov. 4, 2011 I cashed out requesting payment. Fifteen weeks later I am happy to say that Cake Poker has finally processed my check and should be here in about a week. I will post again and share whether or not the check is legit and cashes in the U.S. The good news is that it seems that Cake Poker is actually paying cash. Although it took aproximately 4 months my check is being processed. This is good news for Cake Poker players and this gives some of the U.S. poker players an option for a real money poker site that actually pays cash. I am aware that many other poker players on Cake Poker had have trouble getting their money from the Cake Poker site. After 4 long months the check is being processed and some of the players on Cake Poker might be encouraged to know that Cake is actually paying money.
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  11. They're paying cash? lol wtf
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  12. The River Cost,

    I just read your post and it gave me a headache never seen someone write so much about nothing before...WTF are you talking about people should be encouraged....it is taking them 3-4 months to pay people for christ's sake, when lock and Bovada take a few weeks. Are you trying to compare them to FTP or something? They've always paid just ridiculously slowly. I'm not trying to be harsh but to say anything with a positive connotation would be wrong towards cake at this time.

    I haven't heard of this site paying anyone quicker than just under 3 months lately and could never recommend Cake based on this. In addition, their customer service is horrific. They never give a straight answer regarding when you can expect to get paid and they are still quoting 10-15 business days to new customers which is complete load of BS.
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    Originally Posted by ReadIcculus View Post

    Has anyone recently cashed out on cake? i was wondering how long it took. thank you

    Its been 10 weeks waiting on Cakepoker for withdrawal.
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  14. In july I had a cashout for 1k and it took three months for it to be processed and then a week to get it, I have a second cashout for more requested on 11/28 and still hasn't been processed yet. Assuming it will be another 2 or 3 weeks until I see that money start to move. I'll keep posted
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  15. After 3 and a half months of waiting for my withdrawal request to be processed for $1,599.30, Cake Poker finally sent me a check last Monday. I got a notice in the mail right now from my bank stating the check was being returned unpaid due to insufficient funds. This is just unbelievable. I'm awaiting Cake Poker's response to this. It's obviously not a good sign. DO NOT deposit to this site unless you feel like playing poker with dead money. I will update you on what support has to say about this.

    The only email I have received so far states that they forwarded my original email to the cashier department with a precaution to keep in mind that due to the nature of inquiries their response may take longer than their front line support. This is yet another red flag. Any other time I have emailed Cake Poker about withdrawal or cash inquiries they have never forwarded the information to their "Cashier" department.

    Has anyone else had this problem with Cake? I have read plenty of posts about the length of time it takes Cake to actually process withdrawals, but I have yet to read any posts in any forum stating an insufficient funds issue.
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  16. when I cashed one in October it was cleared after about a week and it was all good. Will keep you posted
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  17. Thus far they are asking for copies of the returned check, which is being held by the bank at the moment, not to mention the fee I had to pay for the check being returned.
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  18. They cancelled the check in question and have since Placed the money back into my Cake account, including the $10 my bank charged me. Now I have to request withdrawal again. Great am i going to have to wait another 3 and a half months again?
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  19. I don't really like the sound of that given I have (hopefully) two more weeks until my check should come or at least get processed. Guess I'll let you know how mine goes
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  20. So after receiving the same runaround emails for the last week, you know the whole "your payment will be processed shortly" that most everyone gets when they ask when they'll receive a Cake Poker payment, I finally got an email this morning at 2am stating my payment was being processed and should be completed within 48-72 hours. Hopefully this check will go through with no hassles.
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  21. I finally got my email on 2/21 saying it has been processed and it will take 48-72 hours to receive the check.
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  22. Bear, did your 2nd check go through?

    Does anyone have any updates on how long cake is taking now?

    More importantly does anyone know if it's quicker to cash out if you're not in the USA?

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  23. Bear, I had the same issue about a year ago. It has to do with that fact that they keep switching processors to stay ahead of the feds. My 2nd check cashed just fine, and they reimbursed me for the bank charges.
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  24. Intertops ftw
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  25. Does cake still take U S players?
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    Originally Posted by tripseekerx View Post

    Have cashed out twice now on cake..took forever (10 to 12 weeks), but i got my checks, and they cashed fine..Has to go to address where a signer is available to sign, no post office..I requested checks, $500 each, It got to me as $465 after fee..Very slow wheel, but seems to be turnin..
    Lucky for me, its all I know..I missed the whole stars/ft era instant withdrawls and all that..This all has to be torturous for all you reg's who knew "the before time", in the "long long ago"....
    Anyways, one guy recommended saving up for a $3000 dollar withdrawl..He said the cashout pathway is different and faster, and it saves on fee's...Not sure if thats true or not..

    nope 3k pending over a mon th so no diffrence...
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  27. I requested 2k cashout on 12/5 and its still pending.......
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  28. 10 weeks, dude get off that site. There is no reason why it should ever take that long, except that they dont have your funds!!!! Won't ever go back and play there. You win you dont get paid for 90 days +, wtf!
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  29. Waiting 4 months to get money from Cake sucks! My last cashout took 4 months and I have another one pending.

    Having said that, at least we (US players) can still play for real money on Cake and we do get our money.

    I like playing on Cake, and will continue to play on Cake as long as I can.
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  30. finally received my check in the mail just short of 5 months of requesting the cashout.......now im just hoping it clears
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