1. Apparently the parent company got hacked.

    More details in the links below. top is the story i read, second is the open letter from RSA


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  2. Wonder what PS plans to do about this. Quoted from the first article. Looks like we are "safe" if they do not have our serial numbers..

    To carry out a successful attack against a company, an attacker "would need to obtain its target device’s public serial number as well as one or more current output samples, at a known time, to determine the current state of the device’s 22-bit realtime clock," according to a blog post by security expert Steve Gibson. "From that point on, an attacker could reliably determine the device’s output at any time in the future."

    This quoted text makes me more nervous.

    He said that any company using RSA SecurID tokens "should consider them completely compromised" and should insist upon the immediate replacement of their tokens. RSA "may not want to do the responsible thing because it would be very expensive for them", he added.
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  3. This is very alarming for sure, but fortunately, the RSA information is not even close to sufficient information to hack into an RSA-protected Stars account. (ie, need username, password, and full security code including the RSA numbers)
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  4. is this just stars or ftp also
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  5. FTP uses a different company's security token
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    Originally Posted by wes_mc View Post

    FTP uses a different company's security token

    I've wondered how secure their system is though, especially now in light of this. It looks like FTP and PartyPoker use the same system at least based on stuff on the back of both tokens. As you said before, this probably isn't an issue even if they did hack since they do not have the rest of our info, but if they are good enough to hack RSA, anything seems possible. Maybe I am just being paranoid.
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  7. You're definitely right; if someone had the will and ability to target one of the poker sites with the same level of sophistication with which they attacked RSA, they could probably do some significant damage. But personally I'm not going to worry about it and pretty much just hope it doesn't happen since I can't do anything to prevent it. If news surfaces of such an attack, then I'll take whatever steps I can to protect my money.
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