1. At the end of 2011 I won 3 packages for a tournament on Malta run by Microgaming. I won the 3 packages on Purple Lounge.

    The problem is Purple Lounge did not pay the 3rd package. I won my first and played the event. The 2nd one I sold to a friend of mine. Before playing the 2nd time I asked Purple support if I could sell the package and they said OK go ahead. The 3rd one they did not pay and didn't allow me to sell to anyone. Before playing for the 3rd time I email Purple support and asked if I could win a 3rd time and this was their answer:

    " I assume that if you win another one you can bring another friend...

    I mean, they let you do it the first time, so of course you’re gonna assume you can do it again! I think it’s better you just play and we don’t ask MG, in case they say no. So, if you win another one, we’ll just say “of cooooourse he assumed he could bring another friend. You didn’t say that he couldn’t win one more...” etc etc"


    I got tired of complaining to Microgaming and they didn't do anything about it. Now Purple Lounge left Microgaming and joined Entraction.

    Honestly I don't think I will ever get paid because I believe the people from Purple Lounge are not honest. I just wish the guys from Entraction network get to know the kind of people they are dealing with. The way Purple treats their clients/customers and the kind of relationship they had with their previous partner acting behind their back.

    If anyone knows anyone from Entraction just point this tread to them.

    This was the final email I got from Purple Lounge support:

    From Jenny Rudell:

    "They are saying the 2nd one was an exception, and that they were being helpful and nice to allow the transfer. Especially since you have a long way to travel, so they thought it would be good for you to be able to bring someone...

    They say that normally, anyone can only win one package... Hmmm"

    This final email is just ridiculous in my opinion. It just shows the lack of seriousness of this company.
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  2. its even more ridiculous if they freerolled it and didnt give the package to 2nd place.
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  3. Yeah in other words they stole money from me. And the worst of all is the sattelite had a huge overlay so I was adding my own money into a situation I didn't even need to "decrease" their overlay.
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  4. Sick spot Norson.
    Std, when we are talking about Microgaming.

    GL with Microgaming network.
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  5. Purple Lounge Closes...


    I hope they all die in pain!!! BASTARDS!
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  6. Wow. unlucky stick to stars mate.
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  7. Jesus Christ. I sometimes play online casinos for kicks and casinomeister had them listed as accredited so I was going to deposit. The only reason why i didnt is because of the previous microgaming scandal. Im glad Ive been really sticking to my guns and only playing at legit pokersites and whatever. But in reality anything can happen anywhere, look at fulltilt for example. Pokerstars is really the only name I feel I can actually say I trust
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