1. A few questions for you guys that know what is up with merge gaming.

    1. What skin is the best to sign up with that takes americans?
    2. How much $$$ can you deposit?
    3. What methods of deposit are available?

    Thanks much guys!
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  2. hero
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  3. Pretty sure hero doesnt take new US players. If that's changed, this is the first Ive heard of it and that would be a huge coup.

    Not really sure which is the best, maybe player's only? Their VIP program doesnt look that good , but it seems like they do a better job with cashouts. Deposit is via credit card, preferably prepaid. But you can also try to buy funds from a trusted Merge user at 70-80 cents on the dollar. However I am not sure if its possible to cashout without having made at least one deposit.

    Also be advised that rakeback is no longer an option for new signups so you'll have to look for the best VIP/rewards program.
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  4. Boneralert - Hero started taking US customers when the other skins also started. This is despite previous reports by David Jung that they weren't going to re-enter the market.
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  5. Ah didnt realize that was the case. That's good to hear.
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  6. unless you live in Missouri or one of the other 4 states.
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