1. Im currently playing some tournaments on stars, and suddenly a box popped up saying "incorrect username/password", and then I got DCed.
    Tried resetting the client, but it wont let me go past the box when i enter the password. The box for entering my RSA-key never pops up.

    Back in after like 5 minutes. A friend of mine in Canada had the same problem, at the same time as me. That was fucking weird.

    EDIT 2:
    Thank you for your email and for allowing us to be of assistance.

    We are aware that a few players are experiencing an error saying
    "The nick you entered was incorrect, please try again."

    Please try to restart your computer or log in from another
    machine, as this might solve the problem for some players.

    The issue has been reported to our Programming Team. They are
    currently working on a fix.

    It would also be of great use if you can send us your log files.
    Please go to 'Help' > 'Log Files' > 'Send Log Files to Support'
    and write in "Incorrect Nick Error" in the detail.

    Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide a time frame
    for a resolution of this issue. However, we are aware how
    important it is for this to be corrected and are working with
    haste to get it fixed.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your
    patience in dealing with this issue.

    Thank you for choosing pokerstars.


    Pierre A
    PokerStars Support Team
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  2. Maybe to stop you from crushing everything? Give people a chance!
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    Originally Posted by BenFaz View Post

    Maybe to stop you from crushing everything? Give people a chance!

    good theory, but it happened to me too and i suck so thats prob not it.
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  4. Ask for a refund though. They're good enough to pay you back your money. I've been in a similar situation before.
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