US DOJ Starts Remission Process for Absolute Poker/UB Players
  1. Is this even real life? What does it mean for UB players?
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  2. I just got the email. Holy shit had my UB money written off forever.

    Hello 2k

    I still say fuck Phil and Annie for that bs.
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  3. can somebody copy paste there email. My email account got deleted. I mean its been 6 fucking years
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  4. Today (April 10), the United States Department of Justice announced a remission process would become available to former players on Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. Details can be found at

    This is a very surprising development considering no one expected to get their money from AP or UB after Black Friday.
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  5. PLEASE BE TRUE. no detail on how yet hmmmm
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  6. I can't even remember my balance
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    Originally Posted by Cooker View Post

    thx cooker got it all resolved
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  8. I received an email with login information. is the claims site.
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  9. Glad I saved my One Time for retirement!
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  11. up next, lock poker to do refunds! : /
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  12. Anyone had a reply back yet or clicked on the link to confirm its not a scan link? Thanks in advance.
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    Originally Posted by LIKE2FISH View Post

    Anyone had a reply back yet or clicked on the link to confirm its not a scan link? Thanks in advance.

    It is not a scam. See the FAQ page for all relevant timing:
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  14. I heard the deadline was the 8th to file a claim. Anyone heard anything?
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  15. Deadline was extended until September 7th. You would likely not hear anything until some time after that date,
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  16. has anyone been paid on this?
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    Originally Posted by double_kyan View Post

    has anyone been paid on this?

    The submission deadline is 9/7 , and people will not be paid until well after that date
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  18. Hey guys, just wanted to bump this because I saw the Refund from AP/UB hit my account today.
    If you filled out the ACH paperwork hopefully you’ll be seeing yours soon as well. glgl
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  19. Booom 6 years later and i gotz my monies! thanks for the heads up!
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  20. Seen many many posts from people who were paid Friday. Hoping everyone is getting what they expected
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  21. I'm confused by "funds hitting accounts"? your bank accounts? I haven't received an email yet and am curious whether I should have by now

    just realized I didn't put in my bank account. So I guess I'll just get a check
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  22. I think you have to put in your bank info dont think they do checks
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  23. I'm pretty sure they do checks according to what I read in the 2+2 thread. I think if they don't have your banking info (or if you're outside of the US) they'll send you a check.
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