1. Two weeks ago i put a $3700 dollar check into my bank.... It cleared and was available.
    TODAY!! They pulled the $3700 back out of my account.

    Return Item Chargeback

    wtf is that???
    anyone know what else to do?
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  2. thought check max was 2500
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  3. 2500 and 1200
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  4. Means the check didn't pay (could be various reasons but most typical is insufficient funds in paying account). Email Stars.
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  5. Did but do you really think stars can do anything about it? fml

    Happening to anyone else??
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  6. This is a MASSIVE BLOW TO ALL POKER PLAYERS. Not just online but live fields ie WSOP main event will suffer huge. We need to be united no matter your country, past experiences on forums, etc etc. Terrorizing eachother and posting not fact based opinions dont help at all. This is time to come together not disband. The only way to speed things up whether by regulated or Govt just pulling head from it ass, is to bombard them with our huge numbers. Soooo many people play online and live, and this affects all of our livihood!!!
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  7. Actually the government did pull its head out of the sand or a** and is reigning in all these big money sites. For 5 years all US players knew that electronic funds were subject to seizure because of the UIGEA. It is horrible that the way the money was parlayed was too much in favor of the game hosts, causing players to leave large sums on the books rather than transferring in an out each time, like a B&M cardroom. Hopefully those who have their assets in limbo will be able to get them released in full.
    A well regulated industry, would have instant buy-in/cash-out capability and secure log-in, with single account(personal) identification, and the government would get their cut based on winnings tracking for the players and rake minus overhead from the card rooms.
    The current state of affairs, where monies were totally under/unreported was the whole reason behind the UIGEA and culminated in this crackdown. This is probably a leverage needed to get new regulation/legislation started. (I could almost bet that a couple of pros, namely AD and PH, probably knew this was coming and repostitioned themselves out of the dragnet.)
    As far as live play is concerned, I believe the WSOP, WPT, and other such tourneys will still have large fields for many years to come.
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  8. Unless there will be legal places online for American residents to play, the fields will inevitably go down. There are lots of players backed for these tourneys that receive backing because they also play online for their backer. There are a lot of people that will just step away from the game and get a job. If you have a job, its going to be difficult for people to take a month to head to Vegas for WSOP events like many grinders do. The new base of players will not come into play, and guys with no experience and no chance for backing aren't going to enter any big time events. These tourneys aren't going to die, but yes the prize pools will suffer. Dealers will have less jobs to choose from. Hotels will make less money, etc. etc. There is a huge trickle effect from this.

    Now if Harrahs opens a poker room online in the coming months, then I think the field sizes for WSOP will go up.
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