35 buyin downswing!!!! :-(
  1. Hi im experimenting the worst downsiwng i ever had, this downswing has been affected my emotions and gameplay i didnt know a downswing can be that hard, i heard about 20 buyins downswing but not 30-40+ till i reached this downswing and google told me that is possible to have that kind of downswing, this is my graph of the last 40k hands : https://gyazo.com/f8452469215da4f6beaa87609e38ee13 those hands was played 5nl 6max (lost 10buyins) 2nl max (lost 7.5 buyins) 2nl zoom my regular game (20buyins lost) really dont know what to do but for now i will take a 2 weeks christmas break, also before this downswing i have 5bb winrate in +100k hands in 2nl zoom (evbb like 3bb but im not caring about that now, even at 400k+ hands i have more bb than evbb) now is like less than 3bb/1000.

    meanwhile i talk about that w my coach (till a week ago) and looks like some hands was standard cooler, im changing my gamestyle not due to the downsing but to my coach suggestions but of course the downswing has affected my game too, in total i had play like 800k hands in all my poker hands, and if anyone has a worst downswing let me know to feel better
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  2. You are losing too much at non-showdown for cash games. It is very possible to have breakeven redline at your stakes. You need to exploit your opponents more.

    35bi downswing is nothing. When I played cash games I had a 150bi downswing and all of them were below EVand you are like 10bi below EV? LOL. That's not a downswing, you are just playing poorly. Simple as.

    I don't know who your coach is but seems he is not doing that good of a job at what he is doing.

    Coolers are coolers and you cannot avoid them regardless of how good you are. You need to focus on different spots, different hands. Focus on the small spots that you can steal against capped ranges. Don't focus on the big hands because they will play themselves.
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