ACR is a joke!!!
  1. Over the last 2-3 months I have been streaming America's Card Room on Twitch. During these last 3 months I have studied a lot of the player pools and seen some un heard of things, as well as mass collusion mostly among the Portugal and Russian player pools. I have played over 3,500 games in 3 months at mostly micro stakes on ACR but ventured up to the bigger stakes for my viewers! They like a Rush, so I started moving up. The 1st week I stream Low stakes I get my biggest scores thus far for $900 and a couple $300 cashes as well. But then I start to notice things changing on my account. My hands that were 70/30 weren't holding, I was losing flips left and right, my bigger pairs were getting out flopped by smaller pairs. Basically, I began to feel like my money was unsafe and I couldn't control the outcomes no matter how good or bad I played. So, I switched over to my roommates account 2 Saturday's ago and play the Low Stakes Saturday Six Pack tourney's. I ended up winning the $11 for $650, and binked several other Jackpots and smaller tournaments that day. I decided to give my account another shot and have had a few nice cashes here and there, but it's the same BULL SHIT over and over, that makes me think some accounts are tampered with to a certain extent. Any ways the main reason of this post is to show you guys 2 different Royal Flushes I've lost to in the last two nights, ironically in the same $500 GTD on ACR!! Look away boys and give me some feedback!

    Will Rowlett
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  2. lol

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    ironically in the same $500 GTD on ACR!!

    Yes it is ironic isn't it? Truth is they probably hacked your system, on top of this it wouldn't surprise me if they had your house bugged too - I know this shit actually happens, don't ask me how, I just do. Not the first time I saw a thread like this; several people have noticed the same kind of thing. Get some hardware to check your place and electronic equipment for surveillance devices and do a total wipe of your computer, even better get a new computer and throw the old one away and check your network for leeches. Good luck, please keep us updated on how taking these actions affects your results on ACR, would be interesting if anybody else had a similair story to share.
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  4. Fuck that Site.
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  5. variance man
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  6. Rigged so much. Make poker great again.
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  7. Please continue to deposit and don't ever leave, we need you.
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