ACR Rant
  1. First off I say that I don't believe that this site is rigged, but holy shit there are days where the thought enters my mind. Never in my years of playing have I seen so fucking my insane beats. There are times when you just fucking know the miracle card is gonna fall to shit on you. If you have played here for any length of time you know what I'm saying. Anyone ever experience the board running out and a pause before the next card falls, Ive lost got how many times when that happens that the gut shot hits, or the flush, or the set to fuck you. You play a suited A, and boom, the flop falls 3 of another suit. When a flush draw hits the board which is a lot, I pretty much assume the villain has the flush draw. I have flopped top set, got it all in vs bottom set....boom villain turns fucking quads to bust me. Was ITM in the last million guarantee KK on the button. Get 3bet all in by the BB who just had me covered shows up with AKo. Board runs out runner runner for his straight to bust me. Now don't get me wrong I get my money in bad plenty and the better hand wins, I suck out as well. It is not just a one way street of me getting fucked. More times than not the hand that either busts me, or cripples me I get it in good. Just today, those hands were AQs vs A4o lose to a rivered 2 pair, 99 vs 44 lose to a set, AKo vs AQo, q on the window. This is a regular occurrence. Anyone who pays attention knows who the players are who consistently smash on this site. They are obviously very skilled players who somehow avoid the constant shit storm cloud that hovers over the rest of us. The only amazing thing is that after a year and a half on this site is my laptop has not been hurled across the room and smashed into pieces.....Ill be back at it again tomorrow and wont be surprised one bit if/when the gutshot hits, quads fall, or the magical runner runner drops to cripple me once again. Cant wait.
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  2. Just to ease your mind: I play for a living and I average 4k poker hands per session playing tournaments and I play on 5 different sites at once and I experience bad beats all the time and in the most crucial moments. AND EVERYONE ELSE DOES! You are not special for having X amount of bad beats. Believe me, there are people who run worse than you or me and people who run better than you or me. It is part of the game, whether online or live. Online you see more bad beats because the average amount of hands you play per hour is greater than live.

    The reason you are frustrated is because you received a bad beat or whatever. I highly doubt you get frustrated when you deliver bad beat to someone else, you probably tell yourself - "WELL FUCKING FINALLY I DESERVED TO WIN ONE!".

    It is called entitlement tilt.
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