1. aaa
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  2. Mind blowing? heh.. I consider this a pretty standard beat. When your opponent called your all-in he had 9 outs, not to mention a backdoor flush draw. Any T, 9, or J would win it for him, and he could've hit runner runner club to knock you out as well.
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  3. Well, maybe the beat wasn't all that bad, but MAN did he write a good story. Had me enthralled all the way through.

    K J
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  4. Probably only saw beats this bad 40-50 times yesterday. Pretty horrific stuff. What a wonderful life he must have to consider this bad enough to post... imagine... your opponent nails you on the river with only nine outs. Wow. At least throw in a fist pump or a DOUBLE fist pump to entertain us. Sheesh.
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