Bots on ACR still there
  1. I am pretty sure i am still Playing against BOTS on ACR. The one Player in Question is KingofMagdelena .
    The Bot limps tons of pots even 7-8 bbs when checked to the Bot it always Min Bets.
    I think this is somehow an ACR Bot cause everytime the bot is all in it hits its 2-3 outer.
    I played with this Bot in the 15k on ACR Deep in the Tournament in the $ and check this Line out.

    Bot Limps UTG with 22K for 2400 Blinds are 1200/2400 . What player limps K7 utg with 10bbs ??? No one
    I Look down at AA and i know if i raise too much the bot will fold so i min raise trying to get into a 3 way pot with someone behind or stack the bot with Top Pair or win a Big 3 way all in but i know i have both players crushed and my plan is 2 min raise and Jam the flop no matter what hits and when the bot bets 12 k i am golden to Double up right?
    I min raise to 4800 in middle position then the button calls for 4800 and bot KINGOFMAGDELENA Calls another 2400.
    So now the bot has 25% of its stack out of Postion in NO GOOD PLAYER PLAYS This way. And When i Min Bet my Range is so Polarized to AA thats the Only hand i would every do that and my exact Plan happened except i got ROBBED by the ACR Bot.
    K49 flop Bot Bets utg out of position iton 2 players after i min raised lol . I either have AA KK or ACE K
    The bot bets 12,000 of their remaining 16k with 4K behind I Jam all in 20K all in and the button Button folds.
    so now i am holding AA vs K7 and here what rolls out K49 4K we get it all in on the flop. K on the river after the Board Pairs the 4 on the turn and K on the River and i bust on the 2 outer to the BOT!!!!! So i have ACES up VS Kings Up so crushed!!!!
    No one limps 60% of their hands no Way and makes it as far as this bot. Its So Negative EV to limp 60% or more big time and Humans don't play this way. All their actions look like a bot. It plays the exact same to precision Even the Best Poker players mix up their bet sizing a Bit but this bot is 100% Exact. Limp out of position short stacked and 100% min bet pot and 100%. If the Bot flops top pair even weak they bet 80% of their stack but never going all in only calling all ins.
    I also saw this Bot all in on the Level before totally crushed The Bot KQ vs K10 and the Flop is K1055 and the Bot is way behind and the Q hits the river same scenario bot gets it in on the Flop Crushed and hits a 3 outer and then a 2 outer vs me. I feel like i got robbed by ACR and TRUST ME i UNDERSTAND Variance.
    so they limp 60% of Flops always min bet when checked to and win all their all ins no Matter how behind.
    KING OF MAGDELENA IS A BOT! The Play is 100% Bot.
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  2. Bots Lives Matter.
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  3. you complain all the time yet i still see you on the tables EVERYDAY

    that player is down like 15k on ACR soooooo yea, not a bot but just terrible?
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  4. Pretty sure no-one would program a bot to play badly. This player sounds like the polar opposite of any possible bot.

    Wish there were players like it sounds like that are on ACR on all my tables all the time. Sounds like heaven.
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  5. You know its people like OP who make WPN not take serious bot accusations serious. There are bot issues in their 6 max cashgames for sure, but this situation is just a poorsport mad about losing. Numerous people play like crap and get lucky a few times ina game. so what? the guys down 15k cuz of those k7 limps.... you clearly dont understand variance, read a mental game book and fix your mindstate man.
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  6. Guys it totally makes sense to program the bot play badly. Less obvious that he is a bot! It will win regardless of how will be playing right?

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  7. OP you are not wrong, there are bots on ACR. We will get to that in a minute

    You have AA against an early position limp from a player you have marked as a "suspected site bot" late in a tournament. If you truly believed that this was a setup then you should be doing 2 things only all in pre or fold. If you go all in pre and he snaps you off with K7 lol more credit to your story. If not, why are you trying to be tricky? A preflop min-raise to a bot or human is an invitation to call and potentially bust you wide open. Tournaments are about getting chips and protecting yourself.. Just because you get AA doesn't mean you are entitled to the pot, for the most part AA should be like any other strong hand you play. So if you are min raising AA and looking to just stack off on any flop you don't think other people are taking notes on that behavior? This is a leak that should be adjusted.

    The bot conundrum?? You need to come to grips with that fact, let it sink in, let it marinate, and then decide a course of action. The people jumping right on here telling you that you are crazy or not credit worthy some of them don't even play on ACR or they are completely masked from Sharkscope... ignore them. Just focus on what you want to do about the current situation. There are bots, there are teams of bots, there is collusion, you are playing on an unregulated site in the US that is not operated in the US.

    I have proven several major security leaks in ACR's system (outside of bots) which makes me seriously doubt that the site is completely operating on the up and up anyway. Put it this way. If the site itself knows they have a bot issue and allows them to run nonstop on their sites then what are they telling their customers? We don't give a shit. So why would they do that? They know that at the bare minimum it brings in more rake dollars and the people playing on their site will continue to play because the lack of other options.

    That being said, and speaking to your concern that "KingofMagdelena" is out to get your chips, the fact that individuals are able to play using bots on their sites, ACR "could" run their own. They are a software company. If they want to have bots play in tournaments to fill up space and help narrow the field they will. If they were smart about it, they would obviously make sure that these bots didn't really win too much, because at some point in time people will look into who they are. So it is certainly possible that there are "KingofMagdelena"'s out there just to wreak havoc and lose... is ACR doing that... no one would ever know for sure unless an insider spoke up.

    Hopefully you can do something positive with that bit of validation...
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