New Player cant tell if I run bad or am bad.
  1. Hey guys so its my first time posting here so ill just get into it. So after busting 2 10 buck deposits I started to actually try to improve ie study more review my hands and discuss them with friends etc. And then it just clicked something just started working for me and i began to be calmer in situations that would of previously confused me or left me like a deer in the headlights, I quickly built my 10$ deposit into 50 in 2 days of playing 1.50 6 max hypers and 1c/2c NL while eventually continuting to 2c/5c I could feel how I personally play so much better when im running hot, so the question of my post is how come after 2 days of what i consider good play by me (im new so my idea of good is probably ultra fish to most of you) without changing any aspect of play style I just hit a wall I just finished up a 6 max session where I ended up down 5 buy ins without cashing and most of the spots where i got ko were from barrys on the river or shoving kk and the bb wakes up with aa so my question is, am I a bad player who just ran hot? or a decent player who just ran bad? Some of the beats were so bad that after this session I really am almost scared to get it in with what I believe to be the best hand. I also have hands from the session saved on hold em manager so if anyone would like to review them or maybe show me where im making mistakes (im sure theres alot) I would really appreciate that.
    Thanks guys
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  2. Hi. How long have you been playing poker? if you're fresh to the game then it's more likely that you're not as strong as you may like to believe you are, which isn't a bad thing, as poker is a difficult skill to master and requires a ton of study, play, review, training and potentially coaching further down the line as well as numerous other factors which vary widely. I had a look at your profile and seen just $3 in cashes in the micros so that says to me you have little experience but of course that may not be true if you have unaccounted for profiles or this is a new start so to speak. First thing i would suggest is to forget about "bad beats", it's not why you're not winning. Sure, it may swing against you at one crucial moment in a tournament but over time it pretty much evens out so to me it's not a factor outside of the short term. Define a bad beat? Maybe you haven't quite grasped just how vulnerable some of the best hands in NLH can be. For example, AKs vs 67s (different suits) isn't all that far from a flip, roughly 60/40 give or take so although losing in that spot may seem terrible, it really isn't. Maybe you're not rolled enough for the stakes you play, that's an issue if so. Playing cash, SnG's and MTT's is something i would also advise against when trying to pick the game up. Pick the variant you're most comfortable playing and stick to it until you've turned it around and are a winning reg, having moved up the stakes to where winning actually means something monetary wise. Never, ever, ever be afraid to put the money in if you think you're ahead but your process of determining that could arguably be flawed. Feel free to post your hands here and i will review them for you if you like. I'm not a great player like some of the beasts on here but i try my hardest given the time i have available and have been improving my understanding as best i can whilst limiting play time. If you're not winning it's best to find out why and fix it rather than keep plugging away hoping for a turnaround because chances are it wont come. Anyway, i'm waffling now, fire up some hands and lets see what's going on in them seeing as you saved them.
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  3. Thanks for replying, tried to send you a pm but have no idea if it sent, so i feel as thought my main issues is poor brm and bad tilt, I do have other profiles where i have deposited two other times made new profiles to use first deposit bonus again, all times i have deposited i have double or more my roll within a short period of time i feel my main issue is getting ahead of myself and moving up stakes too fast and getting hit with one bad beat when i have been running like god for hours and then ultra tilting after after that because the icm? i think is the right term,losing on the higher stakes has more of an effect on my roll then the winnings at lower, of course i still have no doubt i play 99% of spots wrong 99% of the time i tilt quite hard and go on a wild goose chase after my losing sessions which cause me to lose more then blaming it on bad beats when im actually just making mistakes, but i do feel i alot of my issues are burning money when im tilted or on a bad run and not knowing when to quit, whats your opinion of this idea and also do you have any suggestions for what sort of stakes i should be playing and a good starting roll size for trying again?
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  4. Don't overestimate your ability. In poker eventually, you will be losing money. Even the best MTTs players cash in tournaments around 20% of the time which is considered great. Some cash slightly above 20% but the average is 20%. And these players, depending on stakes, are capable of making a decent living or a ton of cash. But they still have to lose 80% of the time. In cash games, it's different because the play style is different and involves fewer all-in situations in general just because you usually play 100bb+ deep.

    The key element for success in poker is bankroll management (BRM). This means that your bankroll needs to be big enough to afford to have losing sessions. For me, a good BRM is to have at least 100 buy-ins for cash games per stake and 300 buy-ins for tournaments. If you play turbos and hypers you need to have more than 300 buy-ins. The better is your BRM and game selection the lower will be your risk of ruin.
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