Online poker programming
  1. Hello,

    Did you know computer programmers can create games that are extremely addictive. That a computer program can be written that is able to trick 99% of people. Pokerstars programmers must be mediocre at best because the site only seems able to trick 95% or so of people into thinking it's fair.

    BUT I have some advice... beat them at their own game. Here is a strategy for you

    1. Set up a new account or don't play for 3 weeks at least so the program will think it needs to get you hooked again

    2. Buy in for 60$ or more and use nearly all of it in a big sng or tourney. You will make the money. (To get you re-hooked remember)

    3. Now, play a low limit cash game. Who cares about winning. Play your style but when you receive a bad beat immediately cash out and clear out your account. Get that money out even if you only won a little in the sng/tourney. This tells the software you are a bad beat spaz

    4. Enjoy the money at home. I suggest buying a fish tank. Might be cool

    5. Now, at a random period later. Like 1 month or more. Log in and buy in again. Make sure it's a different amount. (Remember you don't want the software to flag your account for human investigation so you have to be a little tricky). Play a large cash game or something else. You will win

    6. After a few days.... again wait for a bad beat. Then cash out completely

    7. Repeat

    I think you could make 5k or more a year doing this. Anyway, I banned myself from pokerstars because I am tired of the new ownership so I don't know if my strategy works. Give it a shot and let me know!!!
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    4. Enjoy the money at home. I suggest buying a fish tank. Might be cool

    No. Fish tanks are a waste of time and money and I would advise anyone who was thinking of getting involved with that kind of thing to think long and hard before buying a fish tank and fish to put in it. It contravenes the laws of nature and it empties your pockets far more quickly than allegedly rigged poker sites could ever hope to: the fish don't like it - they will get sick and maybe even die -and as soon as the novelty wears off you won't like it either.
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