Pokerstars is a disgrace!
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    I love the people that reply absolute bullshit to these kind of posts and support the sites that are stealing money from them. Can you not see how shady everything about pokerstars is? They are based somewhere where they can be completely unregulated by anyone of any consequence so they can call anything they want random! The software apparently runs on the same rng as a slot machine so no wonder it always feels like you always lose in the long run no matter how you try and play! What the fuck do you have to do to get babysat to win on pokerstars?

    How come I've pulled so much $ off that site then? Maybe you guys just suck and cry way too much?

    Just a thought.
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    I am a bad online player, at my best I was about a 6/10. Live im a 7/10 I would say. Anyway, I feel really good today.

    I BANNED myself for life from pokerstars. Lost 500$ US in the last 60 days. In the next 60 I will buy lots of pizza and enjoy life for a change instead of being angry all time because of a computer program.

    Good luck in your live play!!!
    If you play online.... cash out, ban, live!!!

    Nooooooo please come back I miss your monies already :(

    BTW, lol.
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  3. I agree with Rihard4a, live poker is so rigged.
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