Pokerstars RNG.... what a mess
  1. What the hell is going on with Pokerstars?

    Since i got 2nd place in a Bounty Builder, i can´t manage to win a all in situation or 200bb potsize bets. This is crazy.

    Im just hoping this downswing passes by because i will change room if this continues to happen.
    Im not a regular grinder. So i normally do some minor tournaments so it´s even stranger in such a small sample to happen so much bullshit.

    Anyone with similar experience??
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  2. here we go again
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    Originally Posted by Rihard4a View Post

    here we go again

    Where you should be going is to the coaching section of this site and cut your hourly fee to 25$ ....SHAME ON YOU FOR CHARGING 50$ PER HOUR... RI WHO R U ?
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