1. I should know better from the amount of times I have got burned..... sigh

    PokerStars Game #23049471952: Tournament #127009469, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level II (15/30) - 2008/12/18 23:43:36 ET

    Table '127009469 125' 6-max Seat #4 is the button

    Seat 1: DoubleMeDonk (3255 in chips)

    Seat 2: JLC3692 (2960 in chips)

    Seat 3: baba39 (1985 in chips)

    Seat 4: EGLAW (3915 in chips)

    Seat 5: pewterbird03 (3300 in chips)

    Seat 6: avionics_man (2585 in chips)

    pewterbird03: posts small blind 15

    avionics_man: posts big blind 30

    *** HOLE CARDS ***

    Dealt to DoubleMeDonk [6h 7h]

    DoubleMeDonk: calls 30

    JLC3692: folds

    baba39: calls 30

    EGLAW: calls 30

    pewterbird03: folds

    avionics_man: checks

    *** FLOP *** [9c 8h 5d]

    avionics_man: bets 120

    DoubleMeDonk: calls 120

    baba39: calls 120

    EGLAW: calls 120

    *** TURN *** [9c 8h 5d] [As]

    avionics_man: checks

    DoubleMeDonk: checks

    baba39: checks

    EGLAW: checks

    *** RIVER *** [9c 8h 5d As] [Jh]

    avionics_man: checks

    DoubleMeDonk: bets 240

    baba39: calls 240

    EGLAW: raises 1240 to 1480

    avionics_man: folds

    DoubleMeDonk: calls 1240

    baba39: folds

    *** SHOW DOWN ***

    EGLAW: shows [Qc Td] (a straight, Eight to Queen)

    DoubleMeDonk: mucks hand

    EGLAW collected 3815 from pot

    *** SUMMARY ***

    Total pot 3815 | Rake 0

    Board [9c 8h 5d As Jh]

    Seat 1: DoubleMeDonk mucked [6h 7h]

    Seat 2: JLC3692 folded before Flop (didn't bet)

    Seat 3: baba39 folded on the River

    Seat 4: EGLAW (button) showed [Qc Td] and won (3815) with a straight, Eight to Queen

    Seat 5: pewterbird03 (small blind) folded before Flop

    Seat 6: avionics_man (big blind) folded on the River

    I thought that surely someone after me would bet that ace so I could raise otherwise I would have lead out on the turn.

    A few hands later I flop 2 pair, there is a flush draw on board and I bet 80 percent of the pot, 2 players call. The turn is a blank and I shove the rest of my stack which is 2/3's of the pot. 1 player folds 1 calls with a gutshot and the flush draw and he nails his flush. He has 12 outs making him a 3 to 1 dog but calls over 1000 into a 2500 pot.

    Should I have to make a pot size bet into every pot with a flush draw is out there which is just about every pot. I swear just about every time I have 2 pair I lose to a straight or flush no matter what I bet. If I set mine and nail it the board comes all one suit better than half the time. It's getting ridiculous. I can't seem to get value for my big hands.

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