1. After playing online for about two years starting on Party, then Stars and finally Full Tilt I have seen and experienced some truly horrific bad beats and heard all the tag lines bout the sites "riverstars" "partyjoker" etc, etc. But was jus wandering what the general thoughts of the online player is on what sites they prefer, think dishes the worst beats, or just generally don't like the software and would really like ya feedback.

    For me personally I think Full tilt is the best, obv cos its the only site iv made a decent profit on. I used to think Party poker was the worst, but I was a donkey when I first started playing there and don't find it to bad now. And personally think that Pokerstars is just sooooooo sick. Im pretty sure alot of you are gonna say that all sites are the same and guess its just how good u run on some rather than others but would like ya thoughts. Thanks pockets0071
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  2. riverstars got it's name for a reason. truly the worst site on the planet at beats.
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  3. has to be stars, you want the fish to make those piss poor calls, but you want the math to work out and have your good hands hold but it dont happen on stars
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  4. without a doubt pokerstars

    dont cash out and ur ok
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  5. I play on Stars and Tilt. They are both bad. Bottom line, continue to get your money in good, and there are plenty of donks playing from all over the world that will hit the most ridiculous suckouts to sap your confidence right away. I swear, it happens way too often online.
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  6. ^^^^ I play on both too. I used to think just Stars but now I see it is Tilt too and of course Party before the onset of the Dark Ages (UIGEA)

    You couldn't have said any better what you did above.
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  7. i have witnessed horrible beats also, but i believe after playin every poker site out there that pokerstars gives the worst beats, it just seems the winning hand cant be a pair, always 2 pair or better, its odd, i prefer full tilt, seems the best to me.. gl
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  8. Pokerstars. Got so sick of it i went to bodog. Have not seen anything like i have on stars or FT. Like i tell everyone if it keeps on happen why not leave??????
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