The Struggle Is Real
  1. This is not a Bad Beat post, more of a "WTF" post I guess lol. I honestly find it amusing lol.

    And some people wonder why it's hard to get out the micro hell-hole lol

    Seat 7 is the button
    Seat 2: HERE4DALLULZ (2180).
    Seat 3:(3130).
    Seat 4: (1490).
    Seat 5: (1040).
    Seat 6:(4193).
    Seat 7:(595).
    Seat 8:(3062). SB
    Seat 9: (2785). BB
    Player HERE4DALLULZ received card: [Ah]
    Player HERE4DALLULZ received card: [Ac]
    Player HERE4DALLULZ raises (265)
    Player seat5(265)
    Player seat 7allin (585)
    Player seat 8calls (535)
    Player HERE4DALLULZ allin (1905)
    Player seat5 (765)
    Player seat 8 calls (1585)
    *** FLOP ***: [7c 6s 2c]
    *** TURN ***: [7c 6s 2c] [10h]
    *** RIVER ***: [7c 6s 2c 10h] [8s]

    Player seat 7 shows: One pair of 5s [5s 5c]. Bets: 595. Collects: 0. Loses: 595.
    *Player Seat 8 shows: Straight to 10 [5d 9s]. Bets: 2180. Collects: 6135. Wins: 3955.

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    Originally Posted by RUST1D View Post

    This is not a Bad Beat post

    I'd call it an in denial post personally lol.....
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  3. Not really bro. Shit happens, it's poker.

    I just thought it was funny AF
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