1. OK, I've been away from poker for 5-6 years now. I used to use Bodog (when it was named Bodog), so recently jumped on to Bovada to begin casually playing again. I deposited a small amount of $200, and what I encountered was dumb founding. The amount of bad beats and unrealistic flops - rivers made me wonder the odds of a few selected hands I encountered during one session. (This isn't about bad-beats, they happen and I can except that without steaming)

    With a masters in Mathematics and CS. I crunched a few numbers on those hands, and the probability of being random the almost infinite (the number would have been slightly higher / lower if I knew the discarded cards from other players). I don't want this to turn in to a thread about my background or the hands I calculated. It's more than obvious I missed something in Bovada's fine print. Do they use a fair play system, or do they actually claim all cards are random, which I can prove over time, they are not.

    With all that being said...
    I do enjoy the game and would like to find a site that offers realistic game play. I will never use Bovada again, but their UI is the best I've used so far. Are there other site's similar to Bovada that welcomes US players, and easy deposit methods?

    What would be your first choice?
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  2. I recently got back in to poker after a 5-6 year break. Many things have changed in that time, but I can't seem to find a good site. I tried Bovada, but after spending a full day reviewing and analyzing several hands, I know this site is well rigged (see post in bad beats).

    Any way... What sites are available to US players that have easy (Visa or MC) deposit methods, and offer a fair game play (if any)?
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  3. Good timing
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  4. I agree
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  5. Be patient and wait! Don't bother playing on any site open to US players atm.
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  6. Really, why not? Just curious.
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  7. Reposting from another thread:

    Originally Posted by dipanjanc View Post

    Great post, OP. Very similar experience here. Cashed out last week for the first time. Since then, one bad beat after another cooler. The straw that broke the camel -

    $11 DS tourney. Level 1. Blinds 10-20. All stacks are 3000.

    UTG limps 20. I raise to 90 with AA from UTG+1. SB calls. UTG calls. Pot 290.

    Flop AK4 with two clubs. I have ace of clubs.

    Small blind checks. UTG shoves 3000. I call with nuts. SB calls.

    Turn deuce. River 3. No clubs.

    Small blind shows 44 for flopped bottom set.

    UTG shows TEN FIVE offsuit (no clubs) for runner runner straight against two flopped sets, mine being nuts on the flop.

    I think I am done with BODOG

    Deposited last night for first time & was playing the $60 Deepstack (10k gntd)

    Blinds ~ 150/300, we've been playing nearly a couple hours & ~65 people are left (20 or so get paid)
    Everyone folds to button who has 4.3k & limps for 300. SB has 15k and calls the 150. I check the BB with T7o & 10k chips.

    Flop comes 1082 with two spades (I have no spade). Pot is around 1k... SB checks, I check to button, thinking my top pair is usually good in this spot based on the total nonsense play I had been seeing so far... I was pretty sure button would bet as well.

    The button fires ~ 1k, leaving 3k behind. The SB calls (14k behind). I open shove 10k, button snap calls, sb snap calls. Button shows J3ss for the flush draw, big blind shows ace high (he had 150 in pot preflop and calls 10k on flop with ace high). Turn is an 9 of diamonds, river is an ace.... Seriously how is it even possible for someone to be holding ace high in that spot with two all ins? why not raise preflop? Ace high on a T82 board with two spades is worth 10k when you have 150 invested preflop??

    There is no logic that can explain this move after the guy/girl/robot has already played multiple hours of poker ~ I feel like its more likely that the person knew the cards that were going to come out... If anyone thinks its really possible to put in 10k extra with two all ins on a T82ss flop with ace high when you have invested 150 & two people have already shoved then I have a bridge I'd like to sell you
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