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    what's a Nebraska?

    I made chili yesterday but I finished it already.

    this is so hank. Leftover chili is only the best leftover food of all time.
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  3. Nothing can beat cold pizza while still drunk or on hangover. If got a bottle of tomato juice with it feels like just served from heaven.
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  4. next you'll be eating meat pie floaters with tomAtoe sauce. bloody poofta
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  5. JFC

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  6. my chocolate chips aren't distributed well enough?
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  7. idk what you think you see but they're pretty even. except the one in the back, but that one was like a bonus cookie. I scraped down the sides of the bowl to get that last one, so that's how it goes. you can't complain about the last one not having enough chocolate chips. that's being a glass-half-empty person when really the glass is half full because you got an extra cookie. I could have taken it out of the picture but that's lame. it goes against all I stand for wrt food pictures.
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    Originally Posted by Hank H1LL View Post

    (Back corner to front, read like USA reads)

    10, 7, 5, 6, 3, 9, .......
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  9. Yea. You are not cutting them right.

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  10. take that packaged blasphemy out of my thread.
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