12th Annual 2017 Football Handicapping Challenge Discussion/Interest
  1. Things which arent available in Okinawa but I do like that Cousin Sal. Him and the other dude's podcast is fun to listen to when they make fun of themselves and how horrible their picks were.
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  2. Can you void my TB Miami pick Tread?
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    Originally Posted by nicks View Post

    Can you void my TB Miami pick Tread?

    Please check, the system should have already done that automatically. I went in earlier to look at Donk and Dank earlier today and I didn't have to take any action because the system already did it.

    If it has not released you pick, please let me know.
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  4. Guys FYI I have voided a play made by Ripomatic, he requested it voided via email as a user mistake. I validated that the pick had been made just prior to the email being sent and have voided it for him.

    Just a reminder, if you make a mistake you want fixed, do not wait to notify me. You can't come back hours (or days) later and request a void based on user mistake. Double check your plays, have them emailed to you using the checkbox so you can be sure.
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  5. Gratz to Xmas and JonnyMak on their perfect weeks! Dont know how you guys do it so early in the season, but we've got a lot of fast starters this year. Will see what happens by week 10.

    Set your alarms, make your plays, get 6 in this weekend!
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  6. Straying away from my "only pick NFL games" strategy this week to pick my Cougars. 21 points at home against an abysmal Oregon St. team without its two starting cornerbacks? And Luke Falk ownsssss Oregon State...this is lock city! Go Cougs!
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  7. Somea yall are making me nervous having not played anything yet, dont forget!
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  8. I do what I want.
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  9. At this point Jaybae it's probably better to sit out a few weeks
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  10. 0-6 week 1, then 3-3 week 2.

    Trending in the right direction. Will probably go 6-0 this week.
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  12. I went 3-3 this week and was excited it was my best week so far lol
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  13. Fuck this contest, fuck Eagle, fuck Biggie, fuck Bad Boy as a label, if you down with Bad Boy fuck you too
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  14. Whats really annoying is that I havent had a losing NFL week yet (already 4-1 this week), and im still in last place.

    Fuck college.
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  15. Instead of throwing darts I actually thought about my picks, did some research then pulled a motherfucking Jaybae and went 0-6
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  16. Yeah, my run starts now.

    11-7 since getting to pick NFL.
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  17. Just a reminder to keep a close eye on hurricane impacts to games this weekend. this could very likely include thunderstorms inland that might result in a game being canceled in the middle of play. Those are the toughest to react to because you don't know ahead of time.

    From what we have seen in the past, the site will not score a game unless Vegas scores the game. Sometimes games are called early without plans to make them up. Vegas normally requires 55 min of play in order to score the game, or at least 10 min into the 4th quarter.
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  18. This is the toughest slate of NFL games I've seen in awhile. I'm kind of lost tbh. Gonna be throwing some darts.
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  19. OK guys, yet another fun situation from these fucking storm-shortened games that OFP completely fucked me on.

    1) The Cincy/USF game ended prior to 55 min with USF up 28. A total of 6 people played the game.

    51 UCF Final Cincinnati 23
    Cincinnati +17.0 3 Shares
    UCF -17.0 1 Shares
    UCF -16.5 2 Shares

    2) OFP did NOT SEND any notice that the game had ended early until 540pm Sunday. They scored the game as though it was a valid game.

    Shortened Game: UCF at Cincinnati
    This game was shortened due to weather and though it was final and officially counts towards the team standings and stats, sports books in Vegas generally void the picks on all football games that don't go at least 55 minutes. We don't have an official policy at OFP so we're letting the pool managers decide. If you want the picks on this game to stand, then you're set. Do nothing. If you want the picks to be voided, write me back and I'll take care of it for you.
    You are getting this email because some people in your pool had picks on the subject game.
    FYI - While I was testing the tool for voiding games, I accidentally sent email to everyone saying their picks had been voided when in fact the picks hadn't been voided. I'm sorry for that.
    Please let me know if you want the picks for this game voided.

    3) Obviously, no one who won the game is going to want their play voided, and I would probably make a judgement call that it is not fair to void their win because it was not caught in time to allow them the full slate of NFL replacement games they would have otherwise had.

    I really apologize for all this confusion. OFP has put me in an impossible spot here and there's no good answer. The game is already scored and to take any action at this point I have to void 6 plays. At this point we can:

    1) Let the scored results stand.
    2) void all 6 plays and hope I can get a hold of all 6 ppl in time for them to play Monday night game as a replacement.

    I would like to hear some opinions from others who haven't played the game before making a final decision. Thanks,
    Edited By: Tread Oct 9th, 2017 at 01:22 AM
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  20. You're stuck in a shitty spot.. so probably option 1. Is there an option IF the plays are voided, to allow those teams to pick 7 games this upcoming week? or does that just make it worse.
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  21. OK, I went back and read all prior communications about these situations and it appears the correct option is to void all the plays. If you don't pick a replacement play it will go as a push, as has been previously stated.

    I will go in shortly and find and void all the plays of this game.

    Sorry again for any confusion.
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    Originally Posted by bombers88 View Post

    You're stuck in a shitty spot.. so probably option 1. Is there an option IF the plays are voided, to allow those teams to pick 7 games this upcoming week? or does that just make it worse.

    No, it is not possible to re-configure the league to allow for a 7th play in any one week.
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  23. Shitty spot for those who picked the game....I say let it stand.
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    Originally Posted by ripomatic View Post

    Shitty spot for those who picked the game....I say let it stand.

    Cant, there was so much time left when it was called, a backdoor cover was certainly possible. As Futon pointed out to me, we've consistently said we are playing by Vegas rules, and if Vegas doesnt score, we cant count it. I just wish they had notified me sooner.
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  25. ok well VOID the PM I just sent. I'll take a freeroll. That is how Vegas does it but I was gonna lose so I was ready to take my L (easier b/c i bet on them and didn't have to take that L)
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  26. All 6 plays have been located and voided.

    Options are to take a push or play MNF game.

    Sorry again this was not caught sooner
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  27. Boom... 0-5 so far.

    Just took the bears to try and make it 0-6.

    Im officially out. No need to make anymore picks unless i get bored lol. gl everyone else.
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  28. Why give up? Wab was the leader until now and went 0-6 this weekend.
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  29. I have to go like 85% from here on out lol. Its not possible.
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  30. Bears covered Jaybae!!!!
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