1. I have entirely too much going on irl but before I renew the league, I'd like to see where everyone stands (again) on the rules. Im a man of the people so, majority vote counts. The league has been tight the last few years so I'm not looking to change too much, but we can address what needs to be tweaked.

    I say we keep the 4 goalie max rule. TMLMS will cry about it, we'll move on.
    Im in favor of adding one IR+ spot, which means you can put a guy on IR that is listed as OUT, Day to Day, or NA. In addition to 1 regular IR spot. I dont think it will matter too much.

    Looks like we will have 1 spot open unless you returning regulars prefer to play with 9. Numbers were skewed last season because of it but it was sure damn nice to actually have players to choose from in the FA pool.

    *edit* Buy-in is $25 as usual, and due BEFORE draft day. If someone doesn't respond to the league invite by at least the day before the draft I will open the spot up to OT

    Also, if we can nail down a good draft night ITT within the next few days that will be cool.
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  2. In
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  3. Yeah unlike the fake hurricane of the century, 4 goalie rule is the truth
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  4. I’ll take an available spot
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  5. Waiting for everyone to chime in Hughes. I personally like 9.
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  6. I want in. And I want to draft Eric Lindros.
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  7. I enjoy pain I’ll be in
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  8. F the goalie rule.

    IR+ is a must I had 2 goalies on OUT thing clogging up my goalie spots. Ie Matt Murray spent 2 month on it.

    Dgaf how many people. As long as I don't get sniped 5 time this year I'm good.
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  9. hockey league is fine, but hockey pool, no one will get in that! hockey pool!?? ewwwwwww
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  10. I just did what I thought was a mock draft on yahoo, turned out to be quick join public league.

    Fuck you Yahoo, thankfully I didn't go full retard and it is a decent team
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  11. In.

    I've never liked the goalie rule. Leave it up to the managers to draft enough goalies imo or trade or whatever.

    Definitely in favor of adding IR+.
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  12. Did you send invites? Cause I haven't got one?

    Also I'd prefer a 10 or 11 PM ET draft. What do others want?
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  13. i havent. 10pm est is pretty late
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  14. What time do people want? I'd want anything after 8pm et

    Anyone else want to give input?
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  15. 9pm EST is fine for me
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  16. Draft is set up for next Monday at 9PM. Need all the managers to respond itt by Sunday and I will send you my paypal info if you need it. I vote for 9 teams, looking to hear from the rest of you.
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  17. sent money, Monday at 9 is fine with me.
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  18. Got an extra spot? Never done hockey before
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  19. $ shipped. gl.
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  20. Hey guys, I’m out this year.
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  21. That sucks earn. Hate to see you go.
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    Originally Posted by Mr. Blonde View Post

    That sucks earn. Hate to see you go.

    Yeah. Bummer.
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  23. How many do we need to replace?
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  24. PM's sent to Hughes and nicks. Still waiting to hear from a couple people returning.
    In so far:
    Leet8s - paid
    TMLMS - Paid
    Mr. Blonde - paid
    Afink93 -
    slapshot - paid
    kellykip -
    sirliesalot - paid
    hughes -

    4 days till draft
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  25. In and sending soon. Thanks for the heads up blonde. Make the draft anytime you want. My autodraft team is running away with it. Again.
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  26. Sent
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  27. hughes is in but autodrafting
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