1. Too late to get Zordon into this bracket?
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    Originally Posted by SpankyHamm View Post

    Too late to get Zordon into this bracket?

    No shit. Ffs man. He wins this thing if we are going over the last month or so.
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    Originally Posted by XXEDPXX View Post

    Let it be known there are 12 black people on the list and Truesyalose picked 7 of them

    And he is from Kentucky

    You do the math

    And two were matched up with each other so it probably would have been worse. And drake is matched up with Jerry Sandusky giving drake the easiest path through the first round otherwise he would have picked him too

    Without looking I’m gonna assume nobody had picked drake over Sandusky

    Well eggiebets did. What the fuck is wrong with that dude?

    news flash. Drakes not black
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    Originally Posted by TheLastChainsaw View Post

    Well, they are brown... light black dudes look brown and are still considered black dudes..

    Originally Posted by TheLastChainsaw View Post

    That is still black, no?

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  5. Nice to know I haven't posted here in years and I'm still being mentioned!

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  6. first post in 3.50 years. nice to see.

    unfortunately you lost to WAR in the first round. you're welcome to vote in the Round 2 thread.
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  7. lost in first round #notsolegendary
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    Originally Posted by Hank H1LL View Post

    Please quote this post and bold your selections.

    Round 1

    **West Bracket**
    (1) Chad Kroeger vs. (64) Jimmy Fallon
    (32) Nancy Grace vs. (33) Dick Cheney
    (17) Jesus vs. (48) Hitler
    (16) HelenRNurse vs. (49) quietwinner
    (9) Vanessa Selbst vs. (56) Kathy Griffin
    (24) Draymond Green vs. (41) smokecock247
    (25) Caitlyn Jenner vs. (40) Phil Hellmuth
    (8) Skip Bayless vs. (57) norcaljeff

    (4) Steph Curry vs. (61) James Corden
    (29) WAR vs. (36) Da Donkey
    (20) David Hogg vs. (45) 80ballz
    (13) skisteve vs. (52) resilient
    (12) Shrubbery vs. (53) Martin Shkreli
    (21) Stephen A. Smith vs. (44) Swerve
    (28) Boutros vs. (37) Roseanne
    (5) Rachel Maddow vs. (60) Justin Bonomo.... But it's fucking close

    **East Bracket**
    (2) Trump vs. (63) Earl Bradley
    (31) Jerry Sandusky vs. (34) Drake
    (18) Beth Mowins vs. (47) Richard Sherman
    (15) Tom Brady vs. (50) Chairman Mao
    (10) Bill Bellichick vs. (55) XXEDPXX
    (23) Amy Schumer vs. (42) Lavar Ball
    (26) Bill Maher vs. (39) Zeppelin
    (7) Vinnyroo vs. (58) Kanye West

    (3) Hillary vs. (62) Papa John
    (30) Rand Paul vs. (35) Floyd Mayweather
    (19) Kevin Durant vs. (46) Jesse Jackson
    (14) Suthereader vs. (51) PewDiePie
    (11) Rosie O'Donnell vs. (54) Ben Affleck
    (22) Chazmental vs. (43) Preet Bharara
    (27) Justin Bieber vs. (38) Lebron
    (6) Dane Cook vs. (59) Maxine Waters

    Wasn't all that hard...
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  9. appreciate your vote, OneM, but we are currently in Round 2. you're also welcome over there.

    mods, you guys used to lock the old threads. any chance we can do that again?
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